Flexible Packaging Supplies fit for a Summer of Fun

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, it signifies the unofficial beginning of summer. Kids are starting to get out of school, the showers of springtime are finally starting to dwindle, and the warm weather days are upon us. Stocking the shelves from our favorite retailers of summer essentials has begun, but you may be asking yourself: how can I upgrade my summer tote to make sure I’m not missing anything, but more importantly, make it all fit? Read on for our guide of summer flexible packaging supplies!  

One of the biggest necessities for the summer is sunscreen! Making sure you and your family are covered with the appropriate SPF is essential for keeping the outdoors fun and safe – everyone knows there’s nothing worse than the sting of a sunburn and potentially missing out on fun activities. Many sunscreens now come in squeezable pouches, making them easier to pack and the secure caps prevent any unfortunate sunscreen explosions from ruining the rest of your belongings.

Despite valiant efforts, many of us can miss a spot when applying sunblock or forget to reapply in a timely matter. For those who happen to get too much sun, there are plenty of soothing products that also come in flexible packaging to ease your pain. Whether your burn-alleviator of choice is aloe vera or simply a hydrating moisturizer, they can be found in flexible packaging.

While skin protection is essential, there are many other non-essential, but important items to include in your summer bag. When packing your clothes, games, and books, don’t forget to include plenty of snacks! No matter where your adventures take you, nothing says summer more than tasty treats outside with friends and family. A go-to for any picky eaters in your life is the variety pack! Whether your snack of choice is chips, fruit gummies, jerky, or trail mix, variety packs are always a crowd-pleaser.

Wherever your summer takes you, keep in mind the benefits of flexible packaging. The ease of storing, carrying, opening, and resealing the products above (and many more), makes bringing flexible packaging supplies a breeze.  For more information on the benefits of flexible packaging, learn more here.

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