2024 Flexible Packaging Trends

In today’s market, the increased need for sustainability and convenience has led to new trends emerging in flexible packaging. Whether you’re a manufacturer or consumer, be on the lookout for these trends in 2024! 


As with many things, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a useful tool for the flexible packaging industry. Large companies such as Amazon are using AI-selected algorithms to determine when to use flexible packaging instead of cardboard boxes. This helps reduce storage space, energy, and inventory costs! 


Technology plays a huge role in the sustainability of flexible packaging. Tiny codes can now be printed and detected by hi-res cameras, allowing sorting machines to easily determine a product’s recycling capability. Additionally, packaging sensors can detect touch, temperature, position, motion, and pressure for better storage and marketing. 

Plastic Stays King 

Believe it or not, plastic-based packaging will maintain over 50% of packaging materials across global consumer goods by 2025. Plastic continues to reign supreme due to how flexible and lightweight it is. These traits bring protection and safety in categories like food, medical, and personal care items. 

Gen-Z Targeting 

Gen-Z plays a huge role in the packaging market with unboxing and haul videos. With billions of views on platforms like YouTube and TikTok, content creators look for personalized products that are aesthetically pleasing. Flexible packaging allows for more customization options, helping brands attract this specific audience. 

Source: Evan Millman, Principal, Upland, Disrupters 2023/24: How changing expectations will shift flexible packaging. 

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