3 ways flexible packaging is made to protect and preserve food

Packaging plays an important role in food safety. Did you know that flexible plastic packaging contributes directly to food safety and food preservation in every stage of its life? Below are 3 ways flexible packaging is created to help preserve and protect food.  

  1. Barrier Properties 

Flexible packaging is made with different types of barrier properties. A barrier is a material designed to prevent or reduce the penetration of water, oils, water vapor, gases, bacteria, and sunlight. Therefore, the barrier layer works to keep oxygen out, aroma in, and extend the shelf life of food products! 

For example, stand-up pouches are often made with puncture resistant barrier films so your food is protected from any rough handling that may occur during shipping or storage! Barrier films can also be used to protect food from bad odors, dirt, and other harmful materials.  

  1. Seal Integrity 

Flexible packaging formats are created with a strong seal that works with the barrier film to prevent air and other harmful contaminants that spoil food from entering the package. A strong seal promotes portion control and works to protect the quality of food products by preventing leakage, spoilage, and food waste in between use!

  1. Multilayer Structures 

Some flexible packaging formats, such as multilayer stand-up pouches, are created with multiple layers of thin plastic or other materials, such as foil or paper, that each work to serve a purpose in protecting and preserving food.

  • The exterior layer provides strength, heat resistance, and packaging efficiency. 
  • The middle layer provides protection from light, gases, and odors.
  • The food contact layer promotes flexibility and strength, and protects food from water, air, product degradation, and keeps it shelf-stable, not only in the store, but in your home. 

From manufacturing, to when a package hits the shelf, and when you take it home, flexible packaging aids in food safety and food preservation. Its strong and protective materials protect your food during shipping and help to extend shelf life, so you have fresh food to enjoy even longer! To learn more, visit our resources page here

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