Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition-October Showcase

The 2022 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition winners showcase continues! Check out the October spotlights listed below to learn about the benefits of each package, the manufacturers behind the creation, and brands that are using these packages for their products.

Sanders® Small Batch Wonders Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Pecan Clusters Gusset Pouch

Sanders® Small Batch Wonders Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Pecan Clusters gusset pouches are an excellent example of how flexible packaging creates exceptional brand management from CL&D Graphics. The new, improved packaging design creates a colorful, exciting gusset pouch with bold colors and a matte/gloss finish to emphasize many features of their product such as the chocolate and pecan images. Sanders® Small Batch Wonders gusset pouches have exceptional aroma and flavor barrier, good clarity, and great reclosure and dispensing options. CL&D Graphics earned a silver award in printing for the package.  Learn more about the manufacturer here.

Wish Farms Blueberry SmartSeal® Traceable Package with Variable Data Lidding Film

As a year-round supplier of fresh berries, Wish Farms harvests products throughout North and South America at peak growing seasons. The products are packed in the U.S. and distributed throughout North America. To meet packaging requirements and federal exporting regulations, Wish Farms selected Sonoco’s SmartSeal® Fresh lidding with Sonoco Unique Variable Data. This variable data printing allows Wish Farms to track and trace each tray individually with a unique scannable QR code. This technology solution combines with peel/reseal lidding to deliver enhanced consumer experience, re-closeable, tamper evidence, and package sustainability. SmartSeal® Fresh lidding replaces the rigid clamshell top reducing plastic usage and light-weighting the package by at least 30% compared with the previous clamshell. These features earned Sonoco a silver award for sustainability. Learn more about the manufacturer here.

Zainab Basmati Rice Large Flat Bottom Pouch, 10 lb.

Zainab Basmati Rice, Pakistan utilizes a side gusseted, flat bottom pouch with an INNO-LOK® re-closeable zipper and a die-cut handle for consumer convenience in the transport of the 10 lb. package. The graphics are superior via rotogravure printing with a matte and gloss effect resulting in a product presentation that allows each grain of rice to be accentuated. Integrated Plastics Packaging received silver awards for expanding the use of flexible packaging, packaging excellence, and printing. Learn more about the manufacturer here.

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