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2024 Flexible Packaging Trends

In today’s market, the increased need for sustainability and convenience has led to new trends emerging in flexible packaging. Whether you’re a manufacturer or consumer,

Flexible Packaging Association Innovation Showcase Spotlights February 2024

Innovation Showcase Spotlights February 2024

This month’s spotlights include products from Inland Packaging, Integrated Plastics Packaging, Novolex, and Paharpur 3P, all made with cutting-edge technology and waste-reducing practices!  Inland Packaging 

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Everything You Need to Know About EPR!

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) is an environmental policy approach in which a producer’s responsibility for a product and its packaging is extended to the post-consumer

Flexible Packaging Associations Innovation Showcase Spotlights January 2024

Innovation Showcase Spotlight January 2024

Dive into this month’s highlights in flexible packaging innovation with products from TC Transcontinental Packaging, Printpack,  Glenroy, Inc. and Sealstrip Corporation!   TC Transcontinental Packaging 

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