How Flexible Packaging Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

If you’ve spent time looking into ways to reduce your environmental footprint, you’ve surely seen the phrase “greenhouse gases.” Simply put, greenhouse gases (GHG) are gases on the earth’s surface that trap heat thus leading to global warming. Making informed choices about the products you use and the packaging they come in is a great… Continue reading How Flexible Packaging Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Consumers Seek Sustainable Packaging

As consumer interest in sustainable packaging continues, brands are left to evolve or falter. Manufacturers are focused on creating sustainable solutions whether it be in production, transportation, or end-of-life; a sustainability factor that often requires education for the general consumer. Often, a package’s sustainability is tied to whether or not it can be recycled. As… Continue reading Consumers Seek Sustainable Packaging

Recycling Flexible Packaging at Home

Many of us are familiar with curbside recycling for rigid plastics, glass, and cardboard for example, but did you know that some plastic film packaging can be recycled as well? It’s through store drop-off. Let’s take a look at the process of recycling flexible packaging and how you can make it an easy addition to… Continue reading Recycling Flexible Packaging at Home

Refill Pouches Sustainability Spotlight

by guest contributor and FPA member Ken Brunnbauer at Glenroy, Inc. Choosing premade spouted pouches can be a natural choice for many brands because they offer multiple sustainability benefits, the cost of entry is affordable, product scrap waste is lower, and more pouch features are available. Also, premade spouted pouches are manufactured by experts in… Continue reading Refill Pouches Sustainability Spotlight

Why Consumers Choose Sustainable Packaging for their Food

A young African-American woman in her 20s shopping in a grocery store, carrying a shopping basket. She is standing in the snack aisle, smiling and looking around.

Sustainability has become a deciding factor in consumer buying habits across all markets and industries. To satisfy that demand, the food industry is continuing to find solutions that reduce the environmental impact on the planet. Yet with all the information circulating, consumers can often find themselves asking what actions they can take to make a difference.… Continue reading Why Consumers Choose Sustainable Packaging for their Food

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