Choosing packaging to protect and preserve your lawn and garden products

The type of packaging you choose for lawn and gardening products will have a significant impact on your planting and yard work experience. Lawn and garden products require safe and durable packaging, and flexible packaging provides just that! Below are 3 key benefits of choosing garden and lawn products stored in flexible packaging. 

  1. Flexible packaging extends shelf life 

Flexible packaging is designed with different barrier and seal features that protect and preserve the products inside of the package. Both features work to prevent potentially harmful elements, such as moisture and insects, from entering the package and damaging the products inside. By choosing soil, mulch or other items in flexible packaging, your lawn and garden products will be protected from any potential damage, and they will last longer.

  1. Resealable flexible packaging is easy to use and creates less mess 

Lawn and gardening is no easy job, but selecting products in flexible, resealable packaging provides a hassle-free experience. By choosing potting soil, fertilizer, and seed in resealable flexible packaging, you won’t have to worry about any spills or leaks, and the products will be much easier to pour in lightweight packaging! 

  1. Flexible packaging is environmentally friendly 

Flexible packaging not only protects the products inside of the packaging, but it also helps protect our environment!  Its low carbon impact, fossil fuel usage, water usage, and amount of material to landfill all contribute to flexible packaging’s environmental attributes. Not to mention, flexible packaging has a high product-to-package ratio, meaning you’ll be using the least amount of packaging necessary for the products you use to care for your lawn and garden!

Flexible packaging offers many benefits for lawn and garden products. Not only does it protect products and extend shelf-life, it also uses less energy to manufacture, reduces shipping costs, and sends fewer materials to landfills. Interested in learning more about flexible packaging and its sustainability benefits? Check out our resources here!

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