Did You Know? All About Flexible Packaging 

Over the last few months, members of the Flexible Packaging Association’s (FPA) Emerging Leadership Council (ELC) have been sharing informative videos all about our favorite packaging! 

First, they tackled recycling. A topic often discussed and debated when it comes to flexible packaging. 

  • Some food packaging items, dry cleaning bags, air bubble packaging fill, toilet paper, and paper towel outer packaging are eligible for store drop-off recycling!
  • From chip bags to juice pouches, you can determine if your waste is recyclable and where you can recycle the item—whether that’s through store drop-off or your curbside bin—by entering your zip code!
  • Most stores have recycling options in convenient locations. Bagandfilmrecycling.org can help you find your closest store drop-off spot. 
  • How2Recycle® labels found on many flexible packages help identify and explain how to recycle your item. 
  • Recycled plastic is plastic that comes from recycled materials. By recycling plastics, you give them a new life in other products. The more plastics you recycle, the more recycled plastic is available to be incorporated into other products. Keep plastics in the loop and help the environment.

In their next campaign, they discussed the various benefits of flexible plastic. 

  • Flexible packaging helps ensure safety and sterile equipment in the medical field. 
  • The flexible packaging industry is a crucial part of the U.S. economy in both employment rates and industry sales. As the second largest packaging segment, the success of the flexible packaging industry is very impactful on the U.S.
  • Flexible packaging can reduce your carbon footprint AND food waste,
  • Flexible packaging manufacturing uses less material in comparison to rigid packaging!

This is only a partial snapshot of all the amazing elements of flexible packaging. Keep an eye on our Facebook, X, LinkedIn and Instagram for their next campaign! 

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