Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards: April Spotlight

We are excited to announce the first winners of the 2024 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition! Check out our April spotlights and see how these products push the limits of innovation and sustainability. 

The 2024 highest achievement award goes to the WD-40 Specialist® EZ-Pods Pouch Family! This household name has been widely known for its aerosol packaging – until now. As WD-40 transitioned into the flexible packaging category, they settled on both a stand-up pouch and a sample-sized three-sided sealed pouch. Both options are recyclable through store drop-off collection services. Visit Brook + Whittle to learn more about the manufacturer.

Launched in Brazil and winning a Gold Award for Technical Innovation, the Danoninho Dual Function Frozen Yogurt Package is the first of its kind. The package is multi-featured with a no-mess spout to drink the yogurt on one side and, if you choose to freeze it, easy-to-tear notches on the other to enjoy as a frozen treat. Visit Amcor Flexibles to learn more about the manufacturer.

The McCoy™ Dunnage Free IBC Liners for Bulk Liquid Aseptic Products may not be a retail shelf product, but they are an industry-changing solution for reducing packaging waste and cost. Winning a Gold Award for Sustainability, these IBC liners can protect up to 330 gallons of aseptic food products. The stronger, lighter IBC material eliminates the need for layers of protective dunnage at the top and bottom of containers. Visit Amcor Flexibles to learn more about the manufacturer.

A Gold Award for Shelf Impact goes to Perfect Balance Dog Food bags, which were developed with shelf life and easy transport in mind. The use of metallized PET and clear sealant film provides an optimized structure for shipping and handling. Additionally, perforations in the bag help facilitate air excavation for product longevity and quality. Visit TC Transcontinental Packaging to learn more about the manufacturer.

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