Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards: August Spotlight

We are so excited to continue sharing the 2023 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition winners! Check out our August spotlights below to learn about the benefits of each package, the manufacturers behind the creation, and the brands using these product packages.

ProAmpac crafted the packaging for Metropolitan Tea Compostable Tea Envelopes and Overwraps and received a silver award for technical innovation. The Proactive Compostable® CPM-2000 structure for premium single and loose-leaf serve teas has a high-barrier paper-based laminate for dry foods that complies with specifications established by the American Society of Testing and Materials Standards for Industrial Compostability. By using this process, it demonstrates ProAmpac’s commitment to creating sustainable and compostable packaging. Visit ProAmpac to learn more.

The Okam Rice Recyclable Flat Bottom 3D Pouch offers incredible consumer-friendly features with its front load pocket, re-closeable zipper, and a die cut handle. Integrated Plastics Packaging refined the pouch with visually appealing, superior graphics via Rotogravure printing using a combination of matte and glossy effects. The convenience and visual aspects of the pouch resulted in a silver award for packaging excellence.  Learn more about the manufacturer here.

Paper Boat™’s Coconut Water Shaped Stand-up Pouch has a uniquely shaped pouch thoughtfully designed to protect natural electrolytes from moisture and oxygen with its high barrier packaging material. The multi-color printed graphics and glossy metallic effect make the pouch even more attractive to consumers. Paharpur 3P took home a silver award for shelf impact with its technical aspects and physical appearance during the creation process. Visit Paharpur3p to learn more.

Receiving a silver award for shelf impact, TC Transcontinental Packaging produced Nestle´ San Pellegrino Sparkling Water Intergritite™ 33% PCR Bundling Collation Shrink Film with performance in mind. The film bundles multipacks of imported San Pellegrino sparkling water to provide a sustainable solution without compromising clarity or performance. Learn more about the manufacturer here.

Visit our website at PerfectPackaging.com to learn more about flexible packaging. To see Achievement Award winners from 2022, check out our blogs here.

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