Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards: August Spotlights


As part of their new multi-pronged initiative to supply resources and a platform for Black Changemakers, Frito-Lay created the Doritos® SOLID BLACK™ packages. The SOLID BLACK™ packages instantly capture the boldness of the brand and the Changemakers with their eye-catching, vibrant colors on a black background. The stunning package artwork was created by Baltimore artist Megan Lewis. By using the packaging in a campaign for social justice, the bag becomes not just a package, but an ambassador for the cause. The stunning packaging earned Printpack a Silver Award for Shelf Impact, and you can read more about the manufacturer here.

John Soules Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Breast with Rib Meat

American Packaging Corporation (APC) provided a laser score with a controlled depth to maintain the package’s integrity but allows an easy-open feature for the consumer. A unique property of the design is a noticeable ‘pop’ when the score is broken, giving the user a sensory aspect that the package has not been tampered with. The controlled package integrity also allows John Soules Foods to apply re-seal tape and fill the bags without compromising the opening feature. These attributes earned American Packaging Corporation a Silver Award for Technical Innovation. You can see more about the manufacturer here.

KitKat® Roasted Almond, 120 g

This package, printed with eight colors and an offline cold seal, uses eye-catching bright metallic effect graphics allowing this product to stand out from the rest of the packages on the shelf. The matte film gives the pouch a rich and soft feel while the cold seal provides a nonmelted product to the customer. The package structure provides the barrier to maintain product freshness, and the two-ply laminate and both layers are BOPP. These factors earned Emirates Printing Press, L.L.C. a Silver Award for Printing. Learn more about the manufacturer here.

Klondike® Shakes

With Klondike® Shakes in a spouted pouch, Unilever created a new mess-free frozen dairy product offering–the first to market such a novelty in the United States. It is the ideal pairing between a product and a package that’s perfect for enjoying at home or on the go: no straw, cup, or blender needed. Klondike® Shakes are squeezable and ready to enjoy 3-5 minutes after being taken out of the freezer. Achieving the iconic Klondike® appearance was critical to maintaining the brand identity for the new product launch. Utilizing reverse printed graphics and a high-performance metalized lamination, this package achieves the iconic look and provides the required performance to be executed in a pouching format. Surviving the harsh cold chain environment, this product created a new flexible package consumption occasion. Sonoco Flexible Packaging received a Silver Award for Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging. Read more about the manufacturer here.

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