Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards July Spotlight

We are excited to continue sharing the winners from the 2024 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition! Check out our July spotlights to learn about the benefits of each package and the innovative manufacturers behind their creation. 

Amcor Healthcare’s™ AmSky™ Recycle Ready Blister Packaging System is the recipient of a Silver Award for Sustainability, providing an alternative to a 50-year-old packaging technology that is one of the least sustainable consumer packages. Current packages have a thick layer of aluminum foil welded to PVC, eliminating any opportunity for recycling. Amsky™ is formulated with HDPE – one of the most recycled plastics in the world. Visit Amcor Flexibles to learn more about the manufacturer. 

With a deep green color and rich graphics, Hunter’s® Gourmet Foie Gras potato chip packaging jumps right off the shelf and into your cart! Winning a Silver Award for Printing, the matte OPP printing gives the bags an appealing look while still maintaining the required barrier for the product itself. Visit Emirates Printing Press, L.L.C. to learn more about the manufacturer. 

Winning a Silver Award for Technical Innovation, the Omega-3 Deluxe Mix Recyclable Bag can keep the product fresh for 12-18 months. Emirates Printing Press’ high-end equipped presses give excellent results on printability and high accuracy registration. The matte coating and reverse printing combination give the pouch an extraordinary look, and the materials allow for recycling without any hassle. Visit Emirates Printing Press, L.L.C. to learn more about the manufacturer. 

A Silver Award for Sustainability is given to the Tyson Foods Foam Tray Replacement with Forming/Nonforming Film from Amcor. With EPS being increasingly restricted in certain states, this packaging was created as an environmentally friendly solution. The flexible vacuum tray is not only an innovative alternative to rigid packaging but can serve as a long-term sustainable option for consumers. Visit Amcor Flexibles to learn more about the manufacturer. 

The US Waffle™ Jus-Rol™ Poffitz Club Pack with Sealstrip’s SealAcross® Reseal delivers customer satisfaction, food waste reduction, and brand impact. With a Silver Award in both Packaging Excellence and Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging, this impressive addition to the market changes the landscape for preserving freshness. Visit Sealstrip Corporation to learn more about the manufacturer. 

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