Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards June Spotlight

We are excited to continue sharing our winners from the 2024 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition! Check out our June spotlights listed below to learn about sustainable flexible packaging, its benefits, and the amazing manufacturers behind the creations. 

The Certified-Circular Content Pet Food Package is a new market innovation showing Hill’s Pet’s commitment to sustainability. It also showcases Peel Plastic’s and Berry Global’s manufacturing expertise to deliver flexible packaging solutions using certified-circular materials. It is because of this that the product wins the Gold Award for Sustainability, leveraging new technology for advanced recycling. Visit Berry Global, Peel Plastics Ltd., and Hill’s Pet Nutrition to learn more about the manufacturers. 

If you’re looking for a better, healthier, candy to snack on, look no further than the Koochikoo® Lovely Yellow Lemon, Lolly Pop Rainbow, and Cool Mint Treat. With a Silver Award for Printing, the pouch jumps off the shelf and showcases both glossy and matte textures. The premium stand-up pouch helps in better utilization of space in the market shelf display. Visit Paharpur 3P to learn more about the manufacturer.  

This groundbreaking two-sided seal pouch features a stunning 10-color print job and preserves the product’s quality. Winning a Gold Award for Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging, RoadRescue® Asphalt Repair is visually appealing and even includes gas exchange vents to facilitate secure palletization. Besides its durability, the packaging contains a UV-resistant substrate to preserve print vibrancy in the sun. Visit Polymerall Flexible Packaging to learn more about the manufacturer. 

The Shehrazade Basmati Rice Blue Pouch is the recipient of four Gold Awards: Packaging Excellence, Technical Innovation, Shelf Impact, and Printing. The previous version of this product featured a  metallized film window, which is costly and limited in availability. To combat this, Emirates Printing Press used a registered metallized PET lamination that was printed with reverse print and a matte surface. Visit Emirates Printing Press to learn more about the manufacturer.  

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