Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards: May Spotlight

We are thrilled to continue sharing the winners from the 2024 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition! Take a look at our May spotlights to see why these products are standouts in the industry – and be sure to look for them on a shelf near you. 

The Gulf Coast Sawyer® Fitment Pouch wins a Gold Award for Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging. The pouch can be filled from a faucet as well as any natural water source and directly attaches to several types of filters. This product is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, proving to be invaluable in situations where water is scarce or unavailable. Visit PPC Flex to learn more about the manufacturer. 

It’s easy to see why Horayra Cat Food receives a Gold Award for Printing and two Silver Awards for Shelf Impact and Technical Innovation, with its vibrant and colorful art that immediately makes it recognizable as cat food. Featuring a quad-seal pouch and zipper, Emirates Printing Press performed many quality tests to ensure that this packaging could withstand transport and the weight of the product. Visit Emirates Printing Press, L.L.C. to learn more about the manufacturer. 

Vibrant, colorful, and attractive  – Hunter’s® Gourmet Smoky Tandoori chips are bound to catch your eye on your next snack run! Winning a Gold Award for Shelf Impact, the packaging features a dense black and metallic gold design printed on a matte film. Another key element is the attractive product images right on the front, conveying the bold flavor to anyone passing by. Visit Emirates Printing Press, L.L.C. to learn more about the manufacturer. 

The Voyager™ Dog Food Co. Clean and Complete Wholesome Recipe is the recipient of two Gold Awards  – one for Printing and the other for Shelf Impact. Voyager takes advantage of the flat bottom pouch to display their branding, which clearly conveys their clean recipe message. Paired with its unique artwork, this packaging is successful in establishing the product’s value and brand philosophy! Visit TC Transcontinental Packaging to learn more about the manufacturer.  

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