Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards: October Spotlight

We are honored to continue sharing the 2023 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition winners! Check out our October spotlights below to explore the benefits of each package, the manufacturers behind the creation, and the brands using these product packages.

Winning a silver award for sustainability, the Walex Commando® Black Holding Tank Cleaner Store Drop-off Recyclable Pouch, manufactured by Glenroy, Inc., is making a substantial contribution towards a more sustainable future. This updated stand-up recyclable pouch replaces the traditional stand-up pouch and qualifies for the store drop-off recycling program. Visit Glenroy to learn more.

Inland Packaging received a silver award for printing for the Z Natural Foods® Whole Milk Powder. Inland’s innovative pouch design not only looks attractive but its tear notches and resealable zipper aligns seamlessly with the needs and preferences of consumers. Learn more about the manufacturer here.

The vibrant and modernized printing in combination with matte finish earned TC Transcontinental Packaging’s Whole Foods Baking Mix Flat Bottom Pouches a silver award for printing. This premium product is sure to catch any consumer’s attention. Visit TC Transcontinental Packaging to learn more.

Paharpur 3P designed the Ykibble® Baked Dog Food 5 Panel PTC Zipper Pouch with an unwavering commitment to create packaging that not only protects but also compels. Its eye-catching, vibrant graphics are evidence of why Paharpur 3P earned a silver award for shelf impact. Learn more about the manufacturer here.

Visit our website at PerfectPackaging.com to learn more about flexible packaging. To see Achievement Award winners from 2022, check out our blogs here.

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