Flexible Packaging Aids in Winter Storm Preparedness

With cold weather upon us, it is crucial to be prepared for what winter brings. The last thing anyone wants is to be stranded in a winter storm and not be prepared. Did you know that many winter necessities can be purchased in flexible packaging? Best of all, flexible packaging is lighter, requires less space to store, and keeps your products safe!  Here are a few products to consider when assembling your winter emergency kit. 

Motor and Engine Oil

These flexible pouches are great for emergency oil needs because they are easy to use and store. They require no funnel or other tools, take up less space, and the flexible packaging protects oil from moisture and puncturing. Best of all, flexible pouches use less water and energy to produce and require fewer trucks for shipping, providing an eco-friendly package for motor oil. Learn more about the sustainability benefits of motor oil packaged in flexible pouches in our Life Cycle Assessment case study blog.

Emergency Flares

Traveling during a winter storm can be risky, but sometimes unavoidable. Keep emergency flares in your vehicle to avoid a dangerous situation where you’re unable to call for help during bad weather conditions. Handheld flares can be purchased in resealable flexible plastic bags and can be easily and safely stored in your car to have in case you’re stuck in an emergency situation. 

Cat Litter

Stocking up on cat litter can be a smart move, not just to keep your pet happy, but to prepare for a winter storm. Cat litter can be used to prevent vehicles from getting stuck in snow or ice. Best of all, cat litter in flexible stand up bags are easy to pour and resealable for use over and over again. They are also more environmentally friendly and sustainable than other types of cat litter packaging. Learn more about the convenience and environmental benefits of cat litter in flexible packaging by reading our Life Cycle Assessment case study blog. 

Non-Perishable Snacks 

Plan ahead and keep a food kit stored in your car for emergencies. A short-term preparedness kit should include water and non-perishable foods. There are a number of prepared foods that come in flexible packaging: including tuna, granola bars, peanut butter, crackers, and baby food. Not only are these items convenient as a grab-n-go option with little preparation, they are shelf-stable so the flexible packaging will protect the food from spoilage even with the temperature variants of a car. They also provide positive, sustainable benefits to the environment as well. Check out our Life Cycle Assessment case study blog to learn more about the sustainable benefits of baby food in flexible pouches. 

By stocking up with these winter items in flexible packaging, you will be better prepared by whatever weather comes your way, and your products will be protected from the harsh effects of cold weather!

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