Flexible packaging items for your next hiking trip

flexible packaging for hiking

Items in flexible packaging are perfect for hiking. Their lightweight, portable, resealable, and durable nature provides a convenient option for anyone who is ready to hit the trail. Before you step out on your next outdoor adventure, be sure to pack the items below! 

Freeze-Dried Meals

Freeze-dried meals are great for any long adventure that requires more than a few snacks. Consider freeze-dried meals such as these by the Backpacker’s Pantry to fuel your next hike! They include dehydrated and freeze-dried ingredients, with multiple flavor options to choose from. Best of all, they provide easy, slim storage so you can save space and pack light!

Water Storage Cube

Hydration is key for any outdoor adventure, but storing extra water often results in extra weight and space. Traditional water canisters are heavy and nearly impossible to store and carry around all day. However, folding water cubes in flexible packaging are lightweight, and easy to lift and pour, so you will save space and stay hydrated. They are made with durable plastics to protect from leaks, so you will not have to worry about any mess! 


Food products in flexible packaging are ideal for any outdoor enthusiast. Snack straight from the bag while you are on the trail with trail mix or granola! Since they are stored in resealable, flexible packaging, they keep food fresher longer and help prevent food waste! Other snacks such as Justin’s peanut butter in flexible pouches also provide a portable and convenient snack to indulge in on the trail! 

Hand Sanitizer

More than likely, your hands will come into contact with germs while hiking. To protect yourself from the spread of germs while outdoors, be sure to pack hand sanitizer. Consider choosing sanitizers in flexible plastic pouches for a lightweight storage option in your backpack. The durable material of the flexible pouch will ensure your sanitizer will not puncture or come into contact with additional items you’ve packed. 

With warm weather upon us, now is the time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Before you plan for your next hike, be sure to add these items in flexible packaging to your hiking checklist. You will have a successful adventure by packing items that are durable, portable, lightweight, and easy to store! To learn more about the benefits of flexible packaging and other ways to use it, visit our blog here.  

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