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Innovative and Sustainable Flexible Packaging: March Spotlights

Each month, we will be spotlighting award winning innovative and sustainable plastic packaging from The Flexible Packaging Association’s 64th Annual Achievement Awards Competition! In summary, 73 packages …

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Collection of flexible packaging

7 Benefits of Flexible Packaging

Do you consider the benefits of packaging when shopping for products? Research by the Flexible Packaging Association reveals that shoppers seek packaging that provides convenience, product safety, …

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race in the snow - warning sign before the ice break

Flexible Packaging Aids in Winter Storm Preparedness

With cold weather upon us, it is crucial to be prepared for what winter brings. The last thing anyone wants is to be stranded in …

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TIPS and TRICKS  words in blackboard

Ways to Reuse Flexible Plastic Bags for Home Organization

January marks the start of achieving new goals for many. A popular resolution on people’s list is getting organized at home. Whether it’s a cluttered …

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Environmental Impact of Plastic vs. Paper

As consumers become more engaged in the conversation surrounding plastic and the increasingly serious litter problems, especially in areas like Asia, the UK, and elsewhere, …

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The Hefty® EnergyBag® Program in Cobb County is making “TONS” of progress

In November 2018, Cobb County in Atlanta, Georgia launched a community level program administered through Keep America Beautiful known as the Hefty® EnergyBag® program. As …

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Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 4.05.43 PM

Sustainability Benefits of Motor Oil Packaged In Flexible Packaging

Motor oil is a necessity, regardless of what you’re driving. But have you ever considered the packaging it comes in? Each year, an estimated 180 million …

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FormFoil Lite Suture Package

Medical Flexible Packaging

Have you ever noticed the different types of packaging in the room at your doctor’s office? How about the packaging of cold medicine or medicated …

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The Sustainability Benefits of Cat Litter Packaged in Flexible Packaging

Cat litter is essential for most cat owners. It helps to prevent strong odors from flowing through homes and it provides cats with a safe …

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featured image

Life Cycle Assessment Case Study – Baby Food Package Comparison

Baby food packaging has completely transformed over the past 10 years, evolving from glass jars to plastic thermoformed tubs and flexible stand-up pouches with fitments. …

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16 Ways to Reuse Flexible Packaging

When the product inside your flexible package runs out, its life isn’t over! One of flexible packaging’s amazing benefits, along with reducing food waste and …

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Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 4.26.33 PM

Sustainability of Laundry Detergent Pods

Laundry detergent pods are favored by many consumers due to their lack of mess and precise measuring, which makes the process of doing laundry much …

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