Innovation Showcase Spotlight for December 2023

Innovation Showcase Spotlights December 2023

Meet the standouts from the flexible packaging industry! These packages from Paharpur 3P, Flex Films (USA) Inc., Inland Packaging, and Nosco feature innovative designs that improve convenience, use, consumer satisfaction, and more.


Paharpur 3P

The Café Coffee Day Funza, 50 g pouch is designed to ensure moisture protection to the product from the outside elements while maintaining the quality of the product on the inside.


The Cothas Coffee Filter Coffee Decoction Stand-up Spouted Pouch, 200 ml stand-up spouted package design incorporates special features to preserve freshness and maintain the product’s natural aroma.


The combination of plastics of the BRU Beaten Coffee Mix 5 Panel Pouch with Pocket Zipper makes the laminate easily recyclable and sustainable. The weight of the laminate translates to a more efficient and sustainable packaging solution which means less material usage, lower transportation costs, and ultimately, a more eco-conscious approach to packaging.


The Lipton® Green Tea pouch is made with 100% mono-polymer film making it completely recyclable. This development not only provides an excellent barrier for the product but also replaced the existing design of foil-based laminates, which are neither recyclable nor sustainable.

Flex Films (USA) Inc.

The B-TGM Transparent BOPP Film with Oxygen Barrier for Food Packaging Applications is a multi-layered mono-material transparent film with oxygen barrier properties suited for pouches and packaging applications. These attributes offer moisture, low heat seal initiation temperature, clarity, and product visibility.

The F-ISB PET Film for Cold Blister Forming Application offers three layers where special polyester film has replaced the conventional nylon and PVC while retaining aluminum. The product provides sustainability and cost optimization giving it an edge over conventional Alu-Alu packaging.

Inland Packaging

The Clinique Cleansing Powder packaged in a small sachet features bright tangerine colors and metallic branding, sure to draw the eyes of consumers.


The matte coating and metallic ink combination of the Bulletproof™ Brain Octane packaging

elevates the stick pack to a level of sophistication that’s truly unmatched. Bonus…the design features easy-open capabilities.


The Felmlee™ Lures pouch features a clear window that gives you an inside look at the product without solely relying on packaging descriptions or images. Buyers can inspect the fishing lures at their fingertips.


The simple graphics and matte finish of the Sun Bum® Hair Mask not only provide shelf appeal, but the easy-to-open tear notches offers a no-mess application.


The Uncle Bud’s™ Face Mask’s aesthetically pleasing sachet offers a shiny metallic printing that is sure to command the attention of consumers.


The Charlotte’s Web™ Calming Chews with CBD for Dogs Pouch reflects fine details and shadow accuracy resulting in premium color and print quality.


The Corks® Cinnamon & Sugar Snickerdoodle Popcorn pouch represents superior print quality made achievable with the HP Indigo 20000 digital press.

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