Innovation Showcase Spotlight for December

The year may be winding down, but we still have a lot of amazing products from the 2022 Innovation Showcase to share! Check out these packages from Bryce Corporation, C-P Flexible Packaging, CL&D Graphics, and Emerald Packaging, Inc.

  • Fannie May® S’Mores Snack Mix Pouch, brought to you by Bryce Corporation and Cyber Graphics, converted a digitally printed prototype into a high-volume flexographic printed pouch on soft touch matte PET film. Using wide web specific separation techniques, the two companies were able to overcome the challenges associated with tone compression of the matte film while still matching color and design expectations.

  • Ocean Spray Craisins® Store Drop-off Recyclable Pouch is another step forward in the company’s commitment to sustainability. The first-of-its-kind pouch utilizes Bryce Corporation’s Brycyclable™ high-performance polyethylene that includes a convenient press-to-close zipper to maintain freshness. The package also highlights the manufacturer’s high-definition flexographic printing capability, high-opacity inks, and registered matte coating that produce stunning shelf appeal.

  • Partnering with WellPet®, Bryce Corporation created an impressive pre-made pouch to showcase the WHIMZEES® Holiday Natural Dental Chews. Utilizing HD flexographic ink systems, and registered matte-over-lacquer, the companies emphasized key design elements on the front and back panels to enable the package to shine at various viewing angles.

  • This Georgian Bay Granola package is fully compostable with a press-to-close zipper that has led to fewer packages ending up in the landfill. The pouch uses biodegradable components (wood pulp, biopolymers, and corn stock) with both oxygen and moisture barrier properties to preserve the freshness of the product.

  • The GreenPod Compostable Coffee Pod Lidding optimizes compostable coffee pod lidding not only to be compatible with the newest single-serve brewing machines but also to reduce the number of layers in the structure for source reduction benefits. The new generation of compostable coffee pod lidding reduces the number of layers from three to two without compromising the functionality of the lids.

  • The Kellogg’s All-PE Cereal Pouch structure and Inno-Lok® reclose zipper make the packaging eligible for in-store drop-off. The ability for in-store drop-off was achieved by making updates to the composition of the package and will fully replace the bag in a box structure aiding in consumer convenience.

The vertical/form/filled/sealed packaging for Barnana Grain Free Plantain Tortilla Chips, Lime & Sea Salt is a great example of how flexible packaging creates exceptional brand management. The matte finish softens the colors and emphasizes the detailed product images for Barnana’s unique branding. The package’s metalized film creates a good moisture barrier leading to excellent shelf life.

  • American Licorice RED VINES® Pouch is made with 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin, a novel for retail packaging. It’s a blend of high- and low-density PCR in a three-layer substrate. Even with its PCR composition, the film has few gels, has tactile properties, and a natural matte finish. It supports high-end process printing (175 lpi) unlike many PCR packages, giving it superb shelf appeal.

  • McDonald’s Apple Slices Series features several technical achievements in printing and sustainability. Two-tone flesh color on the same impression is challenging to achieve and had to be separated in a way that would allow for the difference to stand on its own. The thin gold details on the costume for the characters involved intricate registering and trapping. The previous packaging was not recyclable, and Emerald created a significantly downgauged, recyclable, alternate reverse printed option that allowed for a high-gloss finish and protected the print from scuffing—an important factor in ensuring a high-quality look for the premium product. The pouch also provided the moisture barrier needed to guarantee that the product didn’t degrade with the help of laser micro-perforations.

We can’t wait to share the next batch of amazing flexible packaging innovations! Check back in January!

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