Innovation Showcase Spotlight for February

Our mission to highlight the entries from the 2022 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition continues! Check out our February spotlights below to learn about sustainable flexible packaging, its benefits, the manufacturers behind the creation, and the brands that are using these packages for their products.

  • Ouai 1 L Refill Pouch, available in multiple Ouai products, including shampoo/conditioner, body cleanser, lotion, and hand wash, contain three times the formula of their standard bottle. The pouches are made of a sturdy flexible structure that uses up to 60% less plastic than Ouai’s traditional rigid bottles and are optimized for the rigors of eCommerce.
  • The sustainable Puracy Corner Spout Refill Pouch spans Puracy’s entire line of personal care and household cleaning products. These eco-friendly refill pouches use 90% less plastic, water, and energy compared to bottles, and have saved more than 200 tons of plastic from entering our environment.
  • Walex® Bio-Active Septic Treatment Store Drop-off Recyclable Pouch qualifies for the SPC How2Recycle® store drop-off and the NexTrex® recycling programs. Consumers can simply take the clean, empty pouch back to retail in-store drop-off bins where it will be recycled into resin pellets for future film production or upcycled into composite decking and furniture.
  • The newly launched Kiehl’s 1 L Refill Pouch contains 2 to 5 times the formula of a standard 250m bottle and is made of a sturdy flexible structure that uses up to 81% less plastic than traditional rigid bottles. And, bonus, they are optimized for the rigors of eCommerce.
  • The innovative, stand-up Fresh Macadamia Nut Zipper Pouch features custom flexible packaging film with many overall consumer benefits. It’s lightweight and requires less energy to manufacture and transport resulting in less fossil fuel use and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The SoChatti To-Go packaging enables chocolate to be shelf stable for up to two years without any preservatives or emulsifiers. The unique packet is a key part of the solution, allowing consumers to enjoy chocolate on demand in a form previously only available to chocolate makers.
  • The Saint Jane Sachet package utilizes its appealing floral design in combination with foil substrate, dark inks, and matte coating to give a luxury experience to the consumer.
  • The stand-up pouch, Yumwoof Perfect Kibbles, showcases its artisan feel with the handwritten stamp of approval packaging including an individual bag number, best-by date, and signature.
  • Jomara Dates package incorporates a high barrier film laminate with a re-closeable zipper for extended product freshness and consumer convenience.
  • Herman Brot’s High Protein Low Carb Wraps easy linear tear zipper offers cost savings versus the more traditional approach of using laser scoring. The exceptional performance of the technology ensures a straight clean tear of the laminate allowing easy access to the product and subsequent use of the re-closeable zipper.
  • Facing a need to reduce their rigid tin packaging, Adagio Teas reinvented their packaging into a Premium Tea Leaf Pouch – an easy-to-ship, lightweight, and cost-effective flexible packaging solution.

We can’t wait to share the next batch of amazing flexible packaging innovations! Check back in March!

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