Innovation Showcase Spotlight for January

It’s a new year but the flexible packaging industry is continuing its mission to educate on the benefits of flexible packaging. Check out several amazing products from the 2022 Innovation Showcase.

  • F-PGS Transparent High Barrier Polyester Film for food and beverage packaging applications is a recent innovation and testimonial to the research that went into development. Made from chlorine-free and eco-friendly technology, it is fitting for various packaging formats.
  • F-UHB Aluminum Foil Replacement drastically reduces typical manufacturing challenges associated with aluminum foil and enables sustainability benefits including lower carbon footprint and lower cost!
  • F-EMB Direct Embossable Polyester Film for printing possesses good mechanical, surface, and thermal properties to ensure processing with chemical resistance.
  • F-MSH Super Matte Polyester Film for printing and laminating applications possesses a matte finish polyester film with high haze and low gloss with an excellent muted and grainy surface.
  • Specifically designed for limited promo offers, the presence of the gold printing, brand name, and UAE flag design combination gives an affluent look to the Al Ain 50th National Day Promo Label.
  • The Rabea® Tea package appearance will surely entice consumers to buy the product.
  • Developed by the skilled printing process, the Al-Kbous Organic Yemeni Coffee packaging boasts vibrant contrasting colors and interesting visual effects.
  • The attractive pouch design for Hunter’s® Gourmet Beetroot Chips coveys that the beetroot chip is a high-end product using 100% real beetroots and clearly displays the product is gluten-free, MSG Free, and free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.
  • Printed on matte OPP, the white background and multiple colors of the Hunter’s® Gourmet Quinoa Chips package provides a striking, rich look.
  • The visually appealing LIVA Raw Organic Date Powder package was printed with a unique flexo and offset combination, which enhances the halftone and solid colors. The contrasting pink and yellow color combination with the see-through window presents great shelf impact.
  • Marouf® American Coffee’s strike-out violet and double gold color combination with the surface matte provides a superior appearance on the shelf.
  • The Marouf® Coffee Original Blend pouch is a visually captivating product printed with reverse and surface matte printing combination, which enhances golden matte lacquer and solid colors.
  • Mexita Tortilla Chips package is printed in transparent film and the design enhances the product image.
  • NESCAFÉ® 3in1 Intenso is a vibrant package printed with its patterned intense black background and matte combination.
  • The combination printing of skilled lamination and matte finish silhouette showcasing the product makes the Nestlé® Maggi Egg Seasoning & Potato Seasoning Powder packages a show-stopper on the shelf.
  • Nice two-ply laminate printing demands attention to the NICETM Tomato Ketchup Chips brand and product image.
  • The Peanut Butter Bites employs a 3D pouch, a popular packaging format in retail for maximum shelf impact and consumer convenience.
  • The transparent window in the Shakoof Organic Date Sugar stand-up pouch showcases the product while still maintaining its safe barrier.
  • Printed with nine colors, the THIS BITETM Granola Bars with Mango and Chia Seed printing enriches the design and offers a high-quality appearance.

We can’t wait to share the next batch of amazing flexible packaging innovations! Check back in February!

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