Innovation Showcase Spotlight for March

Our mission to highlight the entries from the 2022 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition continues! Check out our March spotlights listed below to learn about sustainable flexible packaging, its benefits, the manufacturers behind the creation, and the brands that are using these packages for their products.

Paharpur 3P

• The Dabur® Chyawanprash, 100 g packaging protects against moisture, aroma barrier and maintains quality. The pouch is designed to ensure barrier protection for the product from the outside atmosphere. The package is also well suited for storing below 25 degrees Celsius and in a dry atmosphere. 

• Taisha Walnut, 500 g has a unique C-cut built-in top handle that gives it an easy-to-carry option. The distinctive front pocket slider gives an easy option to remove the product without damaging the package and thus, provides reusability. Barrier properties were also considered while designing this pack to protect against moisture and oxygen (aroma). 


PPC Flexible Packaging 

• The Albertsons Debi Lilly Floral Sleeve is aligned with the How2Recycle® certification program and can be recycled in-store while meeting the challenge of creating floral packaging that is classic and elegant in design. The floral package is printed on HDPE which is consistent with Albertson’s floral brand. 

• Made with Biosphere’s Plastic, the Biodegradable Floral Sleeve packaging contains a unique additive that rapidly enhances the ability of plastic to biodegrade in anaerobic and aerobic environments, representing a major advance in low-impact packaging. The unique sleeve is designed to enhance the flowers’ natural beauty using a neutral kraft color and burlap texture. 

• The Betsy Farms® Holiday Edition Chicken and Duck Jerky packaging has G7 printing standards and 300-line screen using Miraclon’s Kodak Flexcel NX Ultra Water plates. PPC’s flexible packaging was used to bring out the vibrant colors and textures that this bag has to offer. 

Exothermix Orthopods is a simple, low-profile packaging made with a 3-sided seal pouch with laser scoring for consumer convenience. The self-contained heating system is easily activated by removing a label on the outside of the package and exposing it to air. 

• The Unita® Cuttbait Pub Mix pouch uses a custom laser cut window, completed in line with the lamination process, showcasing the premium product inside through a unique, eye-catching shape. A metallized appearance draws attention to the product on the shelf, while laser scoring and a pressed-to-close zipper make it easier for the consumer to use.

• The Western Nut Company® Mixed Nuts has a metallized appearance that draws attention to the product on the shelf. The laser scoring and press-to-close zipper provide convenience to consumers, while the high barrier film preserves the freshness of the pouch’s contents.

Wild Zora® Paleo Meals to Go™ is designed with stunning bright colors and inviting images. To capture these results, PPC Flexible used G7 printing standards and 300-line screen using Miraclon’s Kodak Flexcel NX Ultra Water Plates. Then for the finished look, they were converted using a double cut, so the color runs to the edge, saving the cost of continuous sleeves.



• The America Beef Steak Burger, 2.4kg package is a 100% polyethylene structure made with next-generation PE resins that are rigid enough to keep the package in an upright position and capable of being 100% recyclable.
• The Nature Valley™ Store Drop-off Recyclable Wrapper is a first of its kind for Nature Valley™ Granola Bars – all polyethylene, store drop-off recyclable, and cold seal bar wrapper. This recyclable wrapper provides the same fast production speed capabilities as non-recyclable OPP-based wrappers while helping to meet General Mills’ 2030 sustainability goals.
• The Takis® Dragon Sweet Chili® brand used distinct eye-catching graphics and their Heat Meter to communicate the flavor fusion and heat level. The bold and compelling package features a dragon that appears to be made entirely of neon lights.


 The Hidden Valley® Treat-sized Ranch Packets utilize digital print to manage the short-run promotional graphics which are shaped to look like their full-sized counterpart for brand recognition and are available in packs of thirty that use digitally printed multi-pack pouches. 


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