Innovation Showcase Spotlight for November 

Innovation Showcase Spotlights November 2023

Introducing more standouts from the flexible packaging industry! Check out these packages from Amcor Flexibles, American Packaging Corporation, Berry Global, and PPC Flex featuring innovative designs that improve convenience, use, consumer satisfaction, and more. 


Amcor Flexibles   

The Amcor HealthCare™ AirPeel Technology – ACT2100® brings a range of performance enhancements tailored to meet the demands of healthcare packaging. From broader seal compatibility with various materials to improved seal strength, this coating ensures robust package integrity throughout the distribution process. 


The KindPack®Pouches with AmPrima™ Recycle Ready Film represent a leap forward in packaging innovation. Engineered to meet the specific demands of beverages, purees, and sauces, the pouches provide a level of performance that rivals mixed-material films. 


Designed with advanced technology, the Perflex® S Grab n’ Go Shrink Bag for Bulky Meat and Poultry bag not only offers superior protection but also showcases the product’s quality. Even when securely sealed, these bags allow the natural attributes of the products to be visible, creating an enticing display that captures the attention of consumers.


American Packaging Corporation  

The Ben & Jerry’s® Snackable Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough’s stand-up pouch utilizes matte lacquer to help mimic the current paperboard feel of an ice cream carton, as well as gloss to strongly feature the product itself in high resolution.   


The Natures Greens® Kale Greens packaging represents sustainable practices including responsible farming techniques and eco-friendly packaging choices. 


Crafted by Starbucks’ talented design team, the Starbucks® Whole Bean Coffee Origin Story packaging redesign offers a unique narrative, unraveling the origins and tasting notes of every coffee roast. 


The Truvia® Monk Fruit “designed for recycling” package is constructed using an oriented PE print web and barrier replacing the current multi-material laminate. The orientated PE helps to offset the loss in stiffness and thermal stability while the barrier sealant achieved the shelf life and low temperature seal ability needed for the conversion process. 


Berry Global  

This innovative solution revolutionizes packaging in industries where precision and quality are paramount. Berry Global’s CoverGuard™ Film Over Film’s innovative design not only optimizes packaging efficiency but also contributes to a reduction in material waste. 


Engineered with precision and care, the Entour™ Barrier Package/Entour™ Bold and Shield+ Lamination films utilizes machine direction orientation to enhance aesthetics, provide superior moisture barrier, and ensure impeccable dimensional stability. 


PPC Flex  

Visually captivating, the BodyTech® Flashpoint and Energized Critical Aminos packaging expands the use of flexible film packaging for busy on-the-go consumers. The convenient-sized packaging is not only easy to take with you but also reduces the carbon footprint. 


The eye-catching aesthetics of the Hippie Organics® Organic French Beanspackage highlights Reproflex3’s cutting-edge vortex technology. Employing a 7-color process at a high-definition 225 line screen, vortex revolutionizes printing that enhances clarity, sharpness, and ink efficiency for an unrivaled packaging experience. 


The Sunday Lawn Care Pouches represent an eco-friendlier approach to nurturing green spaces with its convenient, environmentally conscious solution, and smaller lightweight size bags that reduce carbon transportation footprint.  



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