Innovation Showcase Spotlight January 2024

Flexible Packaging Associations Innovation Showcase Spotlights January 2024

Dive into this month’s highlights in flexible packaging innovation with products from TC Transcontinental Packaging, Printpack,  Glenroy, Inc. and Sealstrip Corporation!


TC Transcontinental Packaging 

  • ChocXO® Simply Better Chocolate Stand-up Pouches are double cut for clean lines, punch holed for in-store display, and laser scored to give a clean tear for an optimum consumer experience. 
  • The Freshpet® Nature’s Fresh® Stand-up Pouches are designed to maintain freshness and ease with the featured resealable zipper. 
  • The Joy the Rainbow Pack Resealable Razor Pouches, sold exclusively at Walmart, are making an impact in the women’s razor market. The pouch features soft colors and registered varnish to maximize shelf appeal. 


  • The Cracker Jill™ packaging features not one—but five new Jills illustrating a variety of skin tones, body types, and ethnicities. In a campaign partnered with the Women’s Sports Foundation, this packaging was created to “celebrate the women who break down barriers in sports.” 
  • The Go-GURT® Glo-GURT® Glow in the Dark Tubes use glow in the dark inks for an interactive snacking experience for all ages.  
  • The Just Magical Marshmallows Generation 3.0 stand-up pouch is not only eye-catching but uses substantially less raw materials than other plastic alternatives. 

Glenroy, Inc. 

  • With the Harry’s Body Wash Refill Pouch, you can replace the equivalent of 2.5 plastic bottles in just one pouch! Made of a sturdy flexible structure that uses up to 60% less plastic than rigid bottles, Harry’s continues to lower their carbon footprint. 
  • The Oribe Refill Pouches- 1 L are designed with sustainability in mind— using less plastic, less fossil fuels in transport, and even reducing water usage by 85%. 
  • The Trader Joe’s® Peanut Butter Caramel Coated Popcorn Zipper Pouch is easy to reseal, protects the product from moisture, and is printed with a satisfying matte finish. This packaging is lightweight and requires less energy to manufacture and transport, resulting in less fossil fuel use and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. 

Sealstrip Corporation 

Sealstrip’s Peel&Seal® Reseal Tape on Kellogg’s® Eggo® Frozen Waffles Packaging makes it easy to do breakfast on the go. The all-temperature acrylic adhesive is the first use of this type of technology in the flexible food packaging industry! 

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