Innovation Showcase Spotlights February 2024

Flexible Packaging Association Innovation Showcase Spotlights February 2024

This month’s spotlights include products from Inland Packaging, Integrated Plastics Packaging, Novolex, and Paharpur 3P, all made with cutting-edge technology and waste-reducing practices! 

Inland Packaging 

With the JAC Superfood Crumbles, consumption is easier than ever with the signature tear notches and resealable zipper. The clear front window shows pet owners exactly what they are buying for their furry friends.  

The Nature Gnaws Biodegradable Packaging features fun graphics that convey the brand’s message. Made of PureFlex™ this pouch is biodegradable and doesn’t leave behind any microplastics. 

Whole Life® Pet Recover has sharp graphics cured with a unique method called E-Beam. This allows the packaging to be cured without the need for a traditional overlam. 

The TeaZa® Healthy Dip pouch uses eye-catching colors to stand out against the black background and is complete with a resealable zipper. 

Integrated Plastics Packaging 

The SplitTM Nutrition Pouch is made with a new 4-ply laminate that incorporates a special sealant film. Not only can this material be produced faster, but it uses less waste and enhances product efficiency.  

The Tree Hut® Foaming Gel Wash Spouted Pouch was created to target the on-the-go market. Instead of jars, tubes, or bottles, the brand opted for a flexible packaging option to ensure portability and ease for traveling consumers. 


The Honeycomb Insulated Sandwich Wrap was developed with a poly/paper laminate that performs across multiple temperature requirements. This unique insulation maintains food quality in all stages – making it ideal for hot grab-and-go items. 

Microwave Pouches provide quick, convenient, and quality food in a rush. The key is a laser system that perfectly perforates the shape, placement, and size of micron-sized holes in the film.  

Paharpur 3P 

Hellman’s® Mayonnaise Stand-up Spouted Pouch, 800g uses a combination of materials that makes the laminate easily recyclable. This newly developed design is not only sustainable but prolongs the product’s desired shelf life. 

The Kissan Fruit Jam Stand-up Pouch, 45g was created to direct consumers away from the glass jar or tub that jam is typically sold in. This conversion results in a significant reduction of carbon footprint.  

The Kissan Tomato Ketchup Stand-up Spouted Pouch, 425g is an eco-conscious packaging solution that maintains quality while dispensing the product with ease. 

The Nuts Bites with Espresso and Orange, 30g packaging is 100% recyclable. Despite being a plastic laminate, the design gives it a simple but rich paper feel. 

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