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Innovative and Sustainable Flexible Packaging: April Spotlights

Our series of award-winning innovative packaging from FPA’s 2020 Achievement Awards Competition continues! Check out our packaging spotlights for the month of April to learn about each package’s key benefits, manufacturers, and participating brands!

Skratch Labs Limited Edition EF Pro Cycling HP Mosaic Packaging

The limited-edition sports hydration mix stand-up pouches were developed by Skratch Labs to celebrate team EF Education First Pro Cycling’s participation in the Tour de France. The pouches were manufactured by ePac – Flexible Packaging and earned two Gold Achievement Awards, one in shelf impact and one for printing. Each pouch in the entire 10,000 unit print run is unique, featuring a color-shifting design inspired by the team’s jerseys. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here


Insura™ Seal Verification

Amcor Healthcare Packaging’s innovative Insura™ Seal Verification was designed specifically for medical device packaging and earned a Gold Achievement Award in Technical Innovation. This protective, non-destructive design features a closure indicator within the barrier system that changes color to indicate seal quality. To learn more about the manufacturer and the design behind the seal, visit their website here! 

Liqui-Box Waterspout 

The Liqui-Box Waterspout is a groundbreaking solution for the home and office delivery (HOD) market! It was manufactured by Liqui-Box Corporation and received a Silver Achievement Award for expanding the use of flexible packaging. Liqui-Box Waterspout was created for bottom-load water coolers and allows for retail and e-commerce sales of bulk water. This durable waterspout package is easy to use and reduces distribution costs. Best of all, it features improved evacuation for less product waste and recyclability of the BIB format! To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here


Mt. Olive Munchies Resealable Pouch by Glenroy, Inc.

Glenroy Inc.’s packaging for Mt. Olive Pickle Company earned a Silver Achievement Award for expanding the use of flexible packaging. Mt. Olive Munchies are the first ever snack pickles in shelf-stable stand-up pouches and have many great benefits! The resealable pouch works to preserve the pickle’s flavor and the zipper closure helps keep pickles fresh after you open them. Best of all, the pouch is lightweight and durable, so you can take it with you on the go! To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here!


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