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Innovative and Sustainable Flexible Packaging: July Spotlights

We are so excited to continue sharing the 2021 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition winners! Check out our July spotlights listed below to learn about the benefits of sustainable flexible packaging, the manufacturers behind the creation, and brands that are using these packages for their products.

Infused Face Mask 

Not all masks are created equal. The copper-infused face mask from Nufabrx is infused with Shea Butter moisturizer to help doctors, first responders, and millions of people who are experiencing redness, irritation, or “maskne” caused by masks. The pouch is digitally printed, thermally laminated, and pouched all within 24 hours. To give a moisture barrier, the brand owner chose a matte BOPP (1.1 mil)/EVA/ink /EVOH/PE (3.5 mil). The stylish packaging earned Karlville and The Packaging Lab a Gold Achievement Award in Shelf Impact. To learn more about the manufacturers, visit their websites here: Karlville and The Packaging Lab

Numi Tea

Timed with a brand refresh, Numi Tea introduced a new plant-based package for their individually wrapped tea. This new pouch incorporates renewable, bio-based plastic, including EarthFirst® PLA sealant film, instead of fossil fuel-based plastic. Every layer of packaging is now plant-based. The tea packages passed ASTM D6868 biodegradation testing for disintegration and ecotoxicity, making the tea wraps compostable in commercial facilities. Now, Numi Tea packages naturally lowers the carbon footprint of the packaging and received a Silver Achievement Award in Sustainability. To learn more about the manufacturers, visit their websites here: Plastic Suppliers, Inc. and Elk Packaging 

Nutra Dates 3D Pouch

The Nutra Dates 3D Pouch compliments the contrast between the matte look with a patterned golden metallic design. The date imagery is designed to create a superior impact on the shelf and comes with a reclosable zipper to maintain product freshness and laser scoring for consumer convenience. Emirates Printing Press, L.L.C. received a Gold Achievement Award in Printing for the design. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here: Emirates Printing Press, L.L.C.

Smithfield Prime Fresh Delicatessen 

The Smithfield Prime Fresh Delicatessen package is a proprietary dual-forming web engineered to mirror packaging typical to cold cuts just sliced at the deli counter. The Prime Fresh package is the only deli meat package of its kind. It is a surface-printed coextruded film with high-barrier properties, enabling it to replace laminated structures that are typical to processed deli meat. Through an innovative extrusion process and careful material selection, this package offers improved shelf life and enhanced consumer experience, while eliminating the PET web typical to laminations. The Prime Fresh bag also uses 31% less material than the conventional tubs that hold competing pre-sliced deli meat, resulting in other sustainability benefits like fewer transportation miles and less product waste. Berry Global received a Silver Achievement Award for Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here: Berry Global

Shield Pack® Clear High Barrier Aseptic IBC Liner

Shield Pack® clear high barrier aseptic IBC liner provides clarity and durability that the distribution process demands. This technology replaces laminated oriented metallized structures in applications where manufacturers are packaging up to 300 gallons of product for intermittent storage and transportation. The multi-layer structure safeguards against moisture, oxygen and environmental contamination, while extending distribution range, reducing transit failures, improving product quality, and maintaining product color and vitamin retention.

Amcor Flexibles earned a Gold Achievement Award in Technical Innovation for the packaging. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here: Amcor Flexibles

Check out past winners of the 2021 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards here and for more on sustainable flexible packaging here.

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