Sustainable Flexible Packaging Innovations: July

We are so excited to continue sharing sustainable flexible packaging innovations from the 2022 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition! Check out our July spotlights listed below to learn about the benefits of each package, the manufacturers behind the creation, and brands that are using these packages for their products. 

Repêchage® Pouch

This pouch has an upscale salon shelf appeal and outstanding detailed printing with gold layered tones. The stunning packaging earned LPS Industries, L.L.C. both a Gold Award in Printing and a Silver Award in Shelf Impact. You can read more about the manufacturer here.

Volkman Seed Featherglow Large Parrot Bag, 4 lb.

With its vibrant colors and finely printed detail, the Volkman Seed Featherglow Large Parrot Bag is sure to catch the consumer’s eye. Normally a difficult challenge in quality matching, this job is printed on both digital and flexographic printing presses to meet SKU and production run requirements. Using Project Blue, a patented anilox and screening technology that delivers ultra-high-definition quality comparable to 300-line screen, PPC met the quantity needs of the customer while also matching the digital quality. These attributes earned PPC Flexible Packaging a Gold Award in Printing. Learn more about the manufacturer here.

Amcor Clear Anti-Grease Jerky Pouch

Thanks to Amcor’s groundbreaking clear anti-grease film, beef jerky and other meat snacks can power up shelf appeal and gain a competitive advantage. The breakthrough formula prevents grease droplets and smears from appearing on the package surface and eliminates “scratched” windows caused by fatty build-ups in the jerky. As a result, brands can significantly enlarge clear product windows, unleashing design possibilities. Because the grease is managed, jerky snacks look leaner, healthier, and more delicious. These factors earned Amcor Flexibles a Silver Award in Technical Innovation. Learn more about the manufacturer here.  

Zainab Basmati Rice Large Flat Bottom Pouch, 10 lb.

Zainab Basmati Rice, Pakistan utilizes a side gusseted, flat bottom pouch with an INNO-LOK® re-closeable zipper and a die-cut handle for consumer convenience in the transport of the 10 lb. package. The graphics are superior via rotogravure printing with a matte and gloss effect resulting in a product presentation that allows each grain of rice to be accentuated. Integrated Plastics Packaging received Silver Awards in Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging, Packaging Excellence, and Printing. Learn more about the manufacturer here.

AmPrima™ Recyclable PE Shrink Film with 30% PCR

Many of today’s leading beverage brands are working to make their packaging use at least 20% post-consumer recycled content by 2025. The new AmPrima™ Polyethylene (PE) shrink film with 30% post-consumer content (PCR) helps brands meet both major sustainability drivers, offering the billion-dollar beverage industry a sustainable packaging option for multipack bundling. It offers significant environmental benefits without compromising run speeds, machinability, or overall packaging performance. For those reasons, Amcor Flexibles earned a Silver Award in Sustainability. Read more about the manufacturer here.

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