Innovative and Sustainable Flexible Packaging: July Spotlights

Our series of award-winning innovative packaging from FPA’s 2020 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition continues! Check out our July spotlights listed below to learn about the benefits of each package, the manufacturers behind the creation, and brands that are using these packages for their products!

4-D Bags with Handle

Uflex Limited manufactured this brick-shaped, all panel registered bag/pouch with a handle and reclosable option that can either stand-up or lie down. Similar to flexi-cartons, it is an excellent replacement for rigid cartons!  The packaging design creates an excellent shelf appeal that immediately grabs the attention of shoppers. 4-D bags are also a convenient option for consumers! You can carry it from a top handle, and its re-closable options allow the product to be dispensed through the zipper! Uflex Limited earned a Gold Achievement Award for Shelf Impact. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here!

Predilecta Sacciali Jar Shaped Pouch

Amcor manufactured the Sacciali brand jar shaped pouch that combines the best of flexible packaging technology for lightweight and long shelf life! The “mason jar” shape nods to the traditional glass packaging common in the sauce category. However, flexible packaging offers the significant benefits of a 97% weight reduction over glass, leading to a wide range of sustainable benefits! Amcor earned a Gold Achievement Award for Shelf Impact and two Silver Achievement Awards for Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging and Packaging Excellence.  Learn more about the manufacturer by visiting their website here!

JUSTIN’S® Nut Butter Covered Nuts Pouch

JUSTIN’S® Nut Butter Covered Nuts Pouch was manufactured by ProAmpac and earned a Silver Achievement Award for Sustainability. This package is the pioneer in the application of Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials for high barrier food packaging! The pouch promotes high moisture and oxygen barrier that uses PCR content to help provide end markets for recyclable materials. Its high opacity white flexographic inks, surface matte coating, and lamination processes work together to mask the appearance of high volumes of PCR, providing a “new material” look and feel. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here!


In closely watching global trends to more sustainable products, and for a specific Whole Foods project, Decowraps created a compostable Non-GMO flower sleeve. The sleeve for Whole Foods has sugar cane as its material base in the EarthFirst® film. Important considerations for the package design included Origin of Life, specifically substituting a bio-based film for the previous fossil fuel-based film, and the film to have Non-GMO status to reflect Whole Foods’ branding guidelines. Decowraps and Plastic Supplies, Inc., earned a Silver Achievement Award for Sustainability. To learn more about the manufacturers, visit the Decowrap website here, and the Plastic Supplies, Inc., website here

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