Sustainable Flexible Packaging: May Features

We are so excited to continue featuring sustainable flexible packaging winners from the 2022 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition! Check out our May spotlights listed below to learn about the benefits of each package, the manufacturers behind the creation, and brands that are using these packages for their products. 

Celebrate HerSHEy’s Bar 

The Celebrate HerSHEy’s bar was created for International Women’s Day by Hershey as a form of unique media to support an initiative important to the company and their consumers – honoring the women in their lives. With a clever graphic tweak to this iconic brand, the Celebrate HerSHEy’s bar resulted in considerable earned media with hundreds of posts, reposts, and likes on social media platforms. In addition, the story was covered by local and national news outlets for additional earned media. These features earned Printpack a Gold Award for Shelf Impact. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here

KITKAT® Mini Moments 3D Recyclable Pouch 

The KITKAT® Mini Moments 3D recyclable pouch is designed with a registered matte coating to create a striking brand block on the shelf. As the full laminate is OPP and PE-based, the pouching parameters were set carefully for good sealing quality and finish of the pouch. OPP non-heat sealable and metalized BOPP on both sides of the treated material are used instead of PET and metalized PET to make the laminate recyclable. As a responsible manufacturer of flexible packaging, in coordination with the customer, the recyclable pouch was developed as a sustainability initiative. The pouch also has laser scoring for easy tearing by the consumer. Emirates Printing Press, L.L.C. earned a Gold Award for Shelf Impact and can be found here for more details. 

KRAFTIKA Paper-based Packaging Tube Range by FlexiTubes 

KRAFTIKA, made by UFlex, was developed on the concept of reducing the use of plastics at the source itself, thereby reducing the overall impact on the environment than a traditional tube. KRAFTIKA involves replacing plastic with an FSC certified virgin kraft paper that helps reduce the tube’s body weight by up to 45%. The tubes have strong barrier properties with a low moisture absorption rate and high bursting strength. KRAFTIKA tubes provide all the features of FlexiTubes with the addition of it being eco-friendly, which adds to its acceptability over conventional tubes. KRAFTIKA is best suited to package products such as cosmetics that are produced using natural or organic ingredients. Uflex Packaging Inc was awarded a Gold Award for Packaging Excellence, a Silver Award for Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging, and a Silver Award in Technical Innovation. Visit their website here

Lamb Weston Alexia Bio-based Packaging 

American Packaging Corporation (APC) and Lamb Weston are exceedingly proud to present a truly circular sustainable packaging scenario for Lamb Weston’s line of Alexia Organic frozen potato products. The film used in the packaging of this product is partially made from plant-based starches, 16% by weight, including processing by-product from the manufacturing of french fries! Not only is this packaging replacing plastic material with bio-based content, but it is also finding a new home for french fry by-product. This design earned American Packaging Corporation a Gold Award in Sustainability and a Silver Award in Packaging Excellence. You can learn more about the manufacturer here

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