Innovative and Sustainable Flexible Packaging: October Spotlights

Our series of innovative packaging from FPA’s 2020 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition continues! Check out our October spotlights listed below to learn about the benefits of each package, the manufacturers behind the creation, and brands that are using these packages for their product.

Little Baker Coconut Dates, Chocolate

With its eye-catching, cool graphics, this Little Baker Chocolate Coconut Dates stand-up pouch with zipper and euro punch stands out from the rest of the packages on the shelf earning it a Silver Achievement Award for Shelf Impact. The matte film gives the pouch a rich and soft feel. The resealable zipper keeps the product fresh for a longer time without having to switch it to another container. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here.

XTough™ High Strength Pouch for Daisy Brand Sour Cream 

Berry Global created a film that dramatically improved the Daisy Sour Cream package’s ability to survive through the distribution system which eliminated complaints and credits for package damage. The package features an oxygen barrier, excellent sealability, and extreme toughness. The package uses flexographic printing for brand and product identification. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here.

EcoVue® FlexPac®

The flexible EcoVue® FlexPac® packaging for ultrasound gel features custom flexible packaging film with many benefits to the consumer and society overall! It’s easy to hold and easy to use, but it is also lightweight and requires less energy to manufacture and transport. This innovative package earned a Silver Achievement Award for Packaging Excellence. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here.

Wander Beyond Brewing 

Wander Beyond Brewing searched for decorative labels that matched their natural, sustainable values. For this differentiation, the craft brewers incorporated EarthFirst® TDO labels for displaying their unique creativity and commitment to environmentally responsible decoration. EarthFirst® PLA labels are made from annually renewable, bio-based materials. Eco-friendly packaging was a must-have for the craft brewers to align with their high quality, premium beer position. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here.

Amcor SmartTack™ Resealable Label with Premium Tamper Evidence

The SmartTack™ resealable label with premium tamper evidence is a packaging solution that fully protects the perimeter of the label. This innovative design improves packaging security by clearly indicating to a consumer if the package was opened from an area other than the peel tab. This new and innovative solution earned a Silver Achievement Award for Technical Innovation. To learn more about the manufacturer behind this packaging, visit their website here.

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