Sustainable and Innovative Flexible Packaging Products: October Spotlights

Froggy Cutlery

We are so excited to continue sharing the 2021 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition winners! Check out our October spotlights to learn about sustainable flexible packaging, its benefits, the manufacturers behind the creation, and the brands that are using these packages for their products.


Brown & Haley Roca Collection Almond & Dark Chocolate (Mexico)

This premium Brown & Haley pouch exemplifies an exquisite combination of advanced capabilities offered by American Packaging Corporation. It starts with the right materials as a canvas for precision artwork and secure food safety. The film undergoes a 10-color application to achieve both soft vignettes and sharp detail in the photorealistic candy depiction. The product then completes a separate lamination phase, followed by conversion to its unique pouch format. These pouches stand tall on store shelves, projecting the distinct “Roca Collection” text and artwork into the aisle where the rounded corners are ready to be grabbed by eager snackers! These considerations earned American Packaging Corporation a spot in our Innovation Showcase. To learn more about the manufacturer, check out their website here

Bolthouse/Shakedown Frangible Seal Pouch

Bolthouse/Shakedown Frangible Seal Pouches feature an innovative design that makes on-the-go snacking convenient and easy. The multi-compartment bag uses a frangible seal that has a release agent, keeping items separated until the consumer is ready to use. With a simple opening and a shake of the bag, elements from the main compartment (carrots) mix with the smaller compartment (ranch), making this an ideal bag for easy 2 in 1 snacking. The pouch is also designed with a laser score tear opening for a clean straight cut opening and kid-friendly design keeping this packaging attractive to all consumers. PPC Flexible Packaging earned a spot in the Innovation Showcase for these reasons. Learn more about the manufacturer here

Cheese Block Tubestock, 40 lb.

Amcor developed a proprietary alternative to the former three mil 40-pound cheese block tubestock, delivering a 33% reduction in raw materials while maintaining barrier and physical properties. This innovative film provides heat resistance to deliver a wider seal window for dairy processors. And, the film delivers a reduction in storage space, transportation, and a number of changeovers on the line. These aspects earned Amcor Flexibles a place in the Innovation Showcase. To read more about the manufacturer, visit their website here.  

High Barrier Recycling Laminate for Polly Peanøtter

The mono polymer recycle-ready pouch, as a single entity, combines the benefits of each monolayer in terms of enhanced barrier properties, mechanical integrity, and functional properties while making it easy to recycle. Mono polymer recycle-ready pouches offer high moisture and OTR barrier. These pouches are a complete PP-based mono polymer structure and conform to recycle code 5 with high moisture and OTR barrier, meaning these pouches can be recycled in existing plastic recycling streams. The features earned Uflex Limited a place in our Innovation Showcase. To learn more about the manufacturer, check out their website here


Polish brand, Froggy, creates single-use PLA cutlery and picnic items. Made from plant-based, annually renewable sources, EarthFirst® PLA film serves as overwrap packaging. Together, the PLA packaging and products decouple from fossil fuel alternatives, are compostable, and naturally lower packaging and product carbon footprint. Specifically, high purity EarthFirst® PLA is 90% new carbon and is industrial compostable to ASTM D6400. For these reasons, Plastic Suppliers, Inc. & Packservice Ltd. earned a place in our Innovation Showcase. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here and here

Check the winners from the 2021 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition here and for more on sustainable flexible packaging here.

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