Innovative and Sustainable Flexible Packaging: September Spotlights

We are so excited to continue sharing the 2021 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition winners! Check out our September spotlights listed below to learn about sustainable flexible packaging, its benefits, the manufacturers behind the creation, and the brands that are using these packages for their products.

Dole® Fruit & Veggie Blends Berries ‘n Kale Stand-up Pouch, 2 lbs.

Dole®’s Fruit & Veggie Berries ‘n Kale stand-up pouch transitioned from rotogravure to HD flexographic printing to consolidate the manufacturing process to one continent. A key portion of the process was dedicated to ensuring a near-identical match to preserve brand identity for minimal shelf disruption. The completed print uses bold color technology to preserve Dole® brand iconography, in addition to industry-standard icons for easy reading on the shelf and a clear ingredients panel on the back. For these reasons, ProAmpac achieved a placement in our Innovation Showcase. For more information on the manufacturer, visit their website here.

BB Royal™ Organic Oil, 1 litre

Oils and fats contain a higher amount of saturated fats, cholesterol, and trans fat and are more prone to hydrolytic rancidity. Therefore, the oil needs to be protected from moisture and oxygen with a high barrier packaging material. Proper packaging is also essential for protecting the nutritional value of the product and preserving the aroma. While designing the package we considered technical aspects to ensure leakage, dart, and puncture resistance as well as the physical appearance by giving this pouch a unique shape. These considerations earned Paharpur 3P a place in our Innovation Showcase. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here

GEAR AID Revivex® Wash-in Water Repellent

The GEAR AID pouch is a durable structure that can hold a complex liquid application but still use a standard spout and cap. The custom-designed dosing cap cover is a unique feature as it is the measuring device for each use. And, the unique design of the cover adds to the visual appeal of the package. The structure of the pouch has a sustainable impact by using one-third less plastic than a rigid bottle. The pouch design is also optimized to withstand the rigors of e-commerce which earned Glenroy, Inc. a spot in our Innovation Showcase. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here

Barrier Film Suite

The Barrier Suite of films utilizes the latest resin, additive, and extrusion technology to provide superior value and performance. These standard films offer a range of EVOH content and an economical solution for oxygen, flavor, and oil barrier requirements. The family of films offers high-performance lock seal and EZ peel options, zipper compatibility, and added strength, stiffness, or moisture barrier as required. We also offer co-extrusions with nylon for enhanced formability and toughness. For these reasons, Berry Global earned a place in our Innovation Showcase. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here.

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