Sustainable and Innovative Flexible Packaging: September Spotlights

Our series of innovative flexible packaging from FPA’s 2020 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition continues! Check out our September spotlights listed below to learn about the benefits of each package, the manufacturers behind the creation, and brands that are using these packages for their product.

Oreo “Game of Thrones” Cookie Package 

Bend the knee to this package—this package belongs on the throne!  Mondelez launched the limited-edition “Game of Thrones” Oreos to bring something unexpected to the classic cookie as a tribute to the HBO show’s legacy. In addition to the 4 distinct edible insignias on the cookies, Sonoco’s packaging incorporates a registered matte/gloss feature and spells out “Oreo” in the show’s logo font using glossy metallic effects. The package also incorporates Sonoco’s SmartSeal® technology, a patented built-in precision die-cut easy open and reclose feature with tamper evidence. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here!


F-STF is a soft touch/velvet feel matte BOPET film that is specially designed to laminate high-quality graphic media with a velvet feel similar to peach skin. The key features include excellent matte homogeneity/dispersion; excellent soft velvet feel; low gloss on the matte side; excellent contact clarity; good scratch resistance; enhanced graphics; and package differential with a luxury feel and look. Flex Films (USA) Inc. earned a Silver Achievement Award for Shelf Impact with this innovative flexible packaging. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here!

REDKEN® Flash Lift Bonder Inside 

REDKEN® Flash Lift Bonder Inside is a groundbreaking spouted pouch design for Health & Beauty that replaces a rigid container with an internal bag to promote product safety. ProAmpac and REDKEN® redesigned this pouch to create a unique experience for customers. The creative directional spout design minimizes powder fumes while dispensing cleanly into the dosing lid/cap. It was also created with an internal “cross” design into the spout to assist with easy pour and separating potential powders that make up the product. The shape of the pouch provides an excellent billboard to promote the brand, and the print required copy eliminates the need for an instruction insert. In keeping with sustainable goals, this redesign reduced the number of packaging components and the total weight of the new packaging to ship more product and less packaging. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here!

Nestlé Toll House Artisan Collection Premium Backing Chip-Extra Dark

The design and print of the Nestlé package elevate the overall presentation for this high-end product from the first sight. The smooth pink and purple vignette of the flower design complements the dark black background and metallic gold creating a high contrast and high impact overall presentation. Coupling this printed artwork with consistent high-quality films creates a secure package with a high-end fit, finish, and appearance. American Packaging Corporation received a Silver Achievement Award in Printing for the design. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here!

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