Innovative and Sustainable Flexible Packaging: August Spotlights

We are so excited to continue sharing the 2021 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition winners! Check out our August spotlights listed below to learn about sustainable flexible packaging, its benefits, the manufacturers behind the creation, and the brands that are using these packages for their products.

Krakatoa Hot Chips, 6.7 oz.

The north star of Krakatoa Hot Chips is “heat.” As such, the brand is named after Mount Krakatoa, a volcano in the Indonesian Islands famous for one of the most violent explosions in human history. To that end, Krakatoa’s logo doubles as both the human mouth “on fire” as well as a volcano erupting. The brand has five trademarked names that represent a flavor experience that ranges from spicy to volcanic as measured by the brand’s “Krak Scale.” The “Krak Scale” is featured prominently on the back of the bag so consumers know exactly what they are getting into. These combined packaging features earned Printpack a Silver Achievement Award in Shelf Impact. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here

5 Krakatoa Hot Chip bags lined up with the middle bag showing the back of the flexible package

Volga Shahi Gold Pouch

The Volga Shahi Gold Pouch is printed with inline registered matte coating which makes the pouch stand out on the shelf. High dart PE used inside the gusset improves the dart impact of the laminate, sustain drop tests and bursting strength during transport, and handling of the package. The artwork was designed to enhance the traditional feel. The matte and glossy look of the pouch creates excellent shelf appeal, helping it catch the immediate attention of the user. A 3D pouch technique was used to replace the conventional pouching and woven bag which earned Emirates Printing Press, L.L.C. a Gold Achievement Award for Printing. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here

Flexible packaging award winning basmati rice package for the Volga brand.

Quest Nutrition Protein Bar

Quest Nutrition Protein Bars unwrap complete proteins with a package printed with Sonoco’s Advanced Flexo Printing technology. A printed film that considers the level of importance placed on graphics, including look, shelf presence, and consistency. With a high level of pigment transfer and sharp image quality, the package has a distinct shelf presence for consumers at the point of sale, being digital or physical. For these reasons, Sonoco Flexible Packaging earned a place in our Innovation Showcase. To learn more about the manufacturer, visit their website here

4 Quest Nutrition Bars lined up

30% PCR Sustainable Collation Shrink Film (IntegrititeTM PCR)

This breakthrough collation shrink film incorporates 30% of PCR resin and is 100% recyclable. We have extruded a sustainable film that is close to par with virgin plastic resin performance, is pre-approved for recycle-ready at store drop-off locations, looks great on the shelf, and appeals to the consumer’s desire for sustainable packaging. The development of a reliable film has taken a great deal of craftsmanship to overcome the challenges of a high-loading of PCR resins which earned TC Transcontinental Packaging a place in our Innovation Showcase. To learn more about this manufacturer, visit their website here

Sustainable packaging shrink wrap used for Aha seltzer water

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