Moving with Flexible Packaging

May is National Moving Month! If you’re gearing up for a minor or major move, we’ve got some helpful tips for using flexible packaging to your advantage.

Bubble Wrap/ Air Pillows

Starting with the most obvious moving helper – bubble wrap and air pillows! These powerful protectors will keep your drinking glasses, picture frames, and other valuables safe during transport. We love them because you can purchase them or repurpose them from a package you previously received!

Plastic Grocery Bags

Most people have one or more stashes of plastic grocery bags around the house! Rather than throwing them out as you pack up, use them for added protection or to sort and organize items. Once you are truly done with them – take them to a store drop-off for recycling, just make sure that they are dry.

Space Saver Bags

The almighty magical flexible package for moving – space saver bags! Find them at your local store or online for the perfect way to condense the contents of your dresser, bulky bedding, or seasonal linens. All you need in addition to the bag is a vacuum (or the provided pump) to seal it. Bonus, it’s super fun to watch the bag shrink.

Recycle Your Shipping Materials

If this move marks the end of the above-mentioned packaging aids, don’t forget to check their recycling info! In most cases, you will be able to recycle them at a store drop-off location.

If you need help finding your nearest recycling spot, check our website!

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