The Perfect Flexible Packaging Snacks for your Summer Adventures

SoChatti flexible packaging snack is held up in front of a lake

Summertime travel, whether it be exploring a new area of town or embarking on a cross-country road trip, is one of the hallmarks of the season. The warmer weather and abundant sunshine naturally inspire wanderlust. From solo adventures to couple’s trips to family excursions, it is the season to get out and go!

While out and about this summer, it is essential to be prepared in order to make the most of your time. Having a cooler bag in the car filled with food and drinks can ensure that you and your companions are fully sustained for your adventures ahead. Packing snacks in advance not only guarantees that you will have the energy needed for all of your summer adventures, it also cuts down on costs and the number of stops during those longer trips. 

A necessity when it comes to assembling your on-the-go snacks is making sure they are portable, easy to consume, and deliver on flavor and nutrition. The goal is to not sacrifice healthy, good-quality food and resort to fast food as a fallback.  

Snacks that are available in flexible packaging offer the portability, convenience, and flavor-preserving qualities essential to summertime travel. From longer shelf-life to re-sealability to space-saving efficiency, it has never been easier to find snacks that meet your needs. Here are some of our favorites to bring along on your next summer adventure:

Sensible Foods has a wonderful variety of individually packaged crunch dried fruit including mangos, fuji apples, apricots, and more. These make the perfect on-the-go snack and are fantastic for picky eaters because of the wide assortment of flavors. 

Even indulging in chocolate can be enjoyed on the go! SoChatti offers both to-go packs and pouches as a way to bring chocolate with you wherever you adventure. Their packaging allows the chocolate to be eaten as a candy bar or melted and poured over fruit, pastries, or whatever sweets you have on hand.

If you are traveling with a furry friend this summer, don’t forget to pack some on-the-go treats as a reward for good behavior or just a comforting snack. These Hill’s Pet Treat bags are resealable, recyclable, and ideal for traveling

Lastly, the importance of hydration while tackling new adventures can’t be overstated. Of course, water should be constantly replenished, however, organic juices are also a good option for children and adults alike who may be craving something sweeter. We love the Back to Nature juices because they are 100% natural and GMO-free. Additionally, they come in these convenient, space-saving pouches that take up less room in your cooler, and won’t break or spill when dropped.  

These items are simply a sample of all the amazing flexible packaging snacks you can find to bring along with you during your summer adventures. Customize your cooler to suit your family’s preferences and make sure to include a variety of tastes and textures. Whatever you decide to pack, keep in mind the characteristics of flexible packaging to ensure maximum convenience and portability.

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