Plastic Film Recycling Simplified

Living in the age of technology, we are so fortunate to have websites like to take the guesswork out of how and where plastic film can be recycled. Let’s take a closer look at their website. 

As the website states, “The mission for is to support more responsible handling of post-consumer film. Through better information, we seek to support better decisions and more action: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”  

When you navigate to the website, you are brought directly to the directory of known drop-off locations for plastic bags, film, and wraps. Information on what types of items recyclers accept and do not accept from these drop-off locations is also provided on the website. is brought to you by Stina, who works with various committees to work toward uniting recycling information and is committed to collaboration and neutrality in the marketplace. Producers of film play an important role in funding to maintain the Directory and respond to inquiries as well. It’s a group effort to bring the recycling of flexible plastic film to consumers and we’re so grateful for organizations like these who make it happen!  

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