Recycling Flexible Packaging at Home

Many of us are familiar with curbside recycling for rigid plastics, glass, and cardboard for example, but did you know that some plastic film packaging can be recycled as well? It’s through store drop-off. Let’s take a look at the process of recycling flexible packaging and how you can make it an easy addition to your routine!

Print a Plastic Film Recycling Guide

Recyclable plastic film packaging is soft, flexible polyethylene (PE) packaging. Examples include grocery, bread, zip-top, and dry-cleaning bags. It’s also the wrap around many products including paper plates, napkins, toilet paper, diapers, water bottles, and more.

Remove the guesswork and print out this easy reference guide on what you can and can’t recycle through the store drop-off program. You can find a great guide here.

Dedicate a plastic film recycling bin

An easy way to keep yourself on track with plastic film recycling is to dedicate a bin/bag/location in your home. Keep your printed guide close by for easy reference.

Collect your plastic film

You may be surprised just how much plastic film you collect around your home. Even more, you may be shocked to learn it cannot go in your standard curbside recycling bin. Aside from your handy printed guide, you can also check the packaging for recycling guidance. How2Recycle has all the information you need for understanding the meaning of the different labels.

Before tossing your film in your dedicated recycling area, make sure it’s in the right condition! You will want to make sure there is no food residue and that it is dry.

Find your Drop Off Location

Many grocery and retail stores have plastic film recycling bins! You can find the nearest location by visiting PlasticFilmRecycling.Org, How2Recycle, Perfectpackaging, and Terracycle.

Plastic film recycling can become an easy part of your routine with a few additional steps in the beginning. Happy recycling!

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