SoChatti Chooses Flexible Packaging: Here’s Why

SoChatti is among one of many brands that chose flexible packaging for their products to offer customers more sustainable packaging options. They credit their better tasting chocolate to their proprietary technology and packaging process that preserves and protects the flavor that is typically destroyed during processing. The company’s philosophy is simple: More fresh flavor and less waste for happy consumers, and a happy planet. 


SoChatti is fueled by a desire to provide access to pure, preservative-free flavor while enabling new, sustainable industry practices. Traditionally, preserving fresh flavor has been incredibly taxing on the global food chain. Food loss and waste amounts to roughly $680 billion in industrialized countries and $310 billion in developing countries and 25% of the world’s fresh water supply is used to grow food that is never eaten. 


Their proprietary flexible packaging allows them to do two very important things: 

  1. Preserve and protect the flavors of chocolate that consumers have never had the chance to experience because they are typically destroyed; 
  2. Eliminate the typical causes of spoilage and waste by creating a shelf stable chocolate that can melt and harden repeatedly without negatively impacting the quality of their chocolate. 

Preserving flavor in a sustainable way was the primary driver behind choosing flexible packaging for SoChatti products. The structure of the packaging provides a solid vapor barrier to not only prevent oxygen from getting in and destroying the flavors characteristic of cacao beans, but to also lock in trace nuances of aroma that make fresh food taste fresh. Additionally, the packaging enables them to create shelf stable chocolate with flavor that will not degrade over time, no matter how many times it melts and hardens. In fact, SoChatti is the only chocolate brand that Amazon doesn’t expel from its warehouses between the months of April – October due to the fact that the chocolate doesn’t become inedible when it melts, thanks to their flexible packaging solution. 


The packaging plays a large role in improving customer experience because it enhances different notes, aromas, and characteristics that aren’t present in traditionally made and packaged chocolates. Moreover, the packaging has made enjoying SoChatti simpler because the chocolate comes in two sizes: 

  • SoChatti To Go – an .8 oz., snack-sized product that can be enjoyed as a bar or melted and eaten right out of the package by tearing the corner. 
  • SoChatti Pouch – this large, 8 oz. nozzled pouch is submerged in water or placed in the SoChatti Warmer to melt the chocolate so consumers can drizzle chocolate right out of the pouch. 

SoChatti's sustainable packaging option shown in the pouch format

By using flexible packaging, SoChatti produces chocolate with superior flavor that is sustainable at every point of its lifecycle. They hold suppliers to high environmental standards and support the supply chain through fair market compensation that ensures environmental and labor practices are maintained throughout the entire life cycle of the product.


“Undoubtedly, chocolate is just the tip of the iceberg for us when it comes to food innovation,” says SoChatti’s founder, Matt Rubin. “From preserving and protecting flavor and delivering it to the consumer in a way that uses only a fraction of resources typically required, we have the ability to replicate these techniques across countless other food categories like spirits, coffee, and more.” To learn more about the company and their products, visit their website here.

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