A Guide to Sustainable Event Planning

Sustainable event planning is likely to become a major consideration when hosting future celebrations. As a host, there are a lot of ways you can limit your environmental impact, from eco-friendly party supplies and decor to ideas for activities that produce less waste than traditional parties.

Anyone who has hosted a party (and had to clean up afterward) knows it can end up being more than a little wasteful. From the food to the decor and supplies, a lot of things end up going straight into the trash. So, what are some ideas that can help reduce the amount of waste generated by a party? 

Sustainable Materials

If you choose single-use utensils for your gathering, a great option now becoming more widely available is compostable or biodegradable supplies. These work great with any snacks or meals being served, help reduce clean-up time, and then can be disposed of guilt-free.

Snacks in Flexible Packaging

All parties need food and the best way to ensure no one leaves hungry is to have a variety of options. However, to prevent food from going to waste, buying snacks individually packaged in flexible packaging can help keep everyone fed without the need for trashing the leftovers. Otherwise, snacks in resealable flexible packaging are fantastic because they prevent leftovers from going stale and can be re-opened at any time.

Recycling Items

Many decorations like streamers, banners, signs, and more come packaged in flexible packaging. Along with any food or drink items that come in flexible packaging, always check and see if they are recyclable via store drop-off programs. When cleaning up, it is easy to gather all these items into a bag and recycle them the next time you visit the grocery store.

Reusing Items  

Having to buy decorations for every holiday, party, or event can be a strain on both the environment and your wallet, so if you have space to store items, having a designated decorations bin can make reusing party supplies a breeze. Even if you are short on space, vacuum seal bags compress everything down to a manageable size so they can be stored in any closet, drawer, or even under the bed.

As a party planner, it is important to consider all things. While it may seem like adding another item to your checklist is overwhelming, many of these swaps could not be simpler. When it comes down to it, even the slightest changes matter, and limiting waste during any gathering can add up to a big impact!

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