Technical Innovations of 2022

The flexible packaging industry is constantly evolving. Industry goals include working towards a circular economy, expanding the use of flexible packaging, and developing new technologies to meet consumer needs. We are thrilled to highlight these technical innovations from the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) members.

Medical Innovation

EnteraLoc™ is a patented 501(k) FDA-approved medical fluid device intended for tub-fed patients. This first-of-its-kind device uniquely delivers nutrition directly into the patient’s feeding tube in a hospital, long-term care facility, rehab facility, or home care setting. The convenient, simple, safe, and mess-free design improves the quality of care and nutrition/hydration of patients.

Personal Care Innovation

The Kraftika paper-based packaging tube was developed to reduce the use of plastics at the source itself. The tube involves replacing plastic with kraft paper which helps reduce the tube’s body weight by up to 45%. This will in turn make it lighter to transport furthering its environmentally friendly nature. The tubes maintain the same strong barrier protection as their plastic counterparts ensuring product safety and quality for consumers of the self-care product.

Food Packaging Innovation

Finally, we have the John Soules Foods rotisserie chicken packaging! This product was designed with a unique and noticeable “pop” when the score is broken on the package, providing an auditory response and allowing the consumer reassurance their food has not been tampered with.

We can’t wait to see what the industry will develop in 2023 to further convenience, sustainability, and care through packaging.

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