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Plastic Bag Myths Busted

Unwrap the mystery of flexible packaging with our Fact or Fiction quiz!

Think you know everything about flexible packaging? Put your skills to the test and find out if you’re a packaging pro or if you’ve been fooled by common misconceptions.

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Plastic bags are recyclable

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Plastic bags use less carbon emissions to be produced than paper or cotton bags

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You cannot reuse a plastic bag

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Paper bags are recyclable and compostable

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Paper bags use more water to be produced

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Paper bags use less energy to be produced than plastic bags

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Reusable Non-Woven Polypropylene (NWPP) bags are very long-lasting and can hold up to hundreds of uses

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A reusable NWPP bag requires at least 22 uses to equal the impact of one single-use plastic bag

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Consumers typically forget to bring NWPP bags shopping with them only 20% of the time

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