Reducing Food Waste


Step into the kitchen laboratory and conduct your own food waste experiment!

Join us in the quest to reduce food waste with our interactive Reducing Food Waste Experiment. Conduct the experiment yourself at home and discover innovative ways to extend the shelf life of your favorite foods. Let’s turn leftovers into lasting meals and make a positive impact on the environment together!

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Solve the Problem

Question – How do I store my perishable food, so they stay fresh longer?
Hypothesis – What do YOU think will work best?

What You’ll Need

Favorite food – we suggest fruit, cheese or even a sandwich!
Food containers – plastic bag, wax paper or foil, paper bag, a plate (choose at least 3)
Observation notebook


  • Take a piece of your favorite food and divide into equal pieces to store in each food container
  • Place a piece of the food in each food container
  • Place each container in the refrigerator and check on your snack each day
  • Take notes or draw pictures about how the food looks, feels, and tastes or smells each day


  • Which food container kept your snack looking yummy and tasting fresh?
  • Which food container caused the food to spoil the fastest?

Share Your Experiment Results

  • Take photos or make a video of your experiment and share it with us! Be sure to tag #FlexPackExperiment in your video!

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