The Benefits of Food in Flexible Packaging for Camping

Food items in flexible packaging are perfect for camping. Regardless of how you camp, in a tent or in an RV, durable, portable food supplies you can rely on is key to a successful camping experience. Flexible packaging provides just that! Check out these benefits to see how foods packaged in flexible packaging is perfect for campers. 

Flexible Packaging is Portable and Convenient 

Camping often requires us to pack light and only bring what we need. Flexible packaging is lightweight and can easily be carried, stored, opened, and resealed, so it’s the perfect space saver for campers to take to and from the campsite. It’s also created to be durable and to protect the products stored inside, so you can count on your food to stay fresh and survive the great outdoors! For tips on planning a menu with flexible packaging items for your next trip, check out this article for 10 secrets to creating a great menu for camping. 

Flexible Packaging Extends Shelf Life 

Flexible packaging’s protective features significantly extend the shelf life of an array of food products. For example, grapes sold in flexible packaging have an extended shelf life of 7 days to 70 days! This allows campers to pack food items that would traditionally not survive camping trips. Learn more about how flexible packaging is created to protect food products and how its features extend shelf life by visiting our recent blog post here

Flexible Packaging is Environmentally Friendly 

Best of all, flexible packaging allows campers to give back to the environment while also enjoying it. Because it extends the shelf life of products, flexible packaging contributes directly to the reduction of food waste! Furthermore, compared to traditional forms of packaging, flexible packages use fewer raw materials, less energy, and fewer resources to produce.

Thanks to flexible packaging, campers are able to pack lighter and snack longer! To learn more about the sustainable benefits of flexible packaging, and how it is used in everyday life, visit our blog here

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