The Convenience of Flexible Packaging

Among the numerous benefits of using flexible packaging, convenience is one that busy consumers can get behind to make their lives easier. Purchasing products we already use daily, packaged in a way that is simpler to use, is a win-win for everyone. In fact, the Flexible Packaging Association reports that consumers value flexible packaging because of its simplicity to store, open, and reseal. Read on for the top reasons flexible packaging can add convenience to your day-to-day life. 

Food in flexible packaging in a picnic basket

The lightweight nature of flexible packaging makes it a better choice for on-the-go consumption over rigid plastic or glass. The durable quality means that the product is safe when handling and even when dropped, which makes it perfect for consumers to pack in their purse, backpack, or even in a pocket. Whether you need a solution that protects perishables, is resistant to tears and punctures, prevents tampering, or safeguards against damage during transport, you can implement flexible options without sacrificing these durability components. Unlike paper packaging that can tear, or cardboard packaging that gets soggy when wet, flexible packaging is made to be durable and resistant to damage. It eliminates the worry that a purchase could go to waste if dropped or bumped. 

Eat Proper Good soup pouch being put in a red backpack outdoors.

The majority of consumers are willing to pay more for tangible, functional packaging benefits, such as the ability to reseal and extend product life, as well as the ease of opening and storing. According to the Brand Value Study completed by the FPA, on average, consumers said they were willing to pay as high as 14% more for the ability to reseal. Resealable packaging prevents food from becoming spoiled or stale and keeps the items you purchase fresh and ready to be consumed. 

Man and his dog by the water stopping for a snack.

With high-barrier films and airtight seals, highly perishable products are kept safe from oxygen and moisture. This keeps the product fresher for longer, which means less food ends up in the landfill. The reseal technology of flexible packaging also ensures that the food item maintains its freshness over several uses. Fresher product means less thrown away by the consumer and stores due to spoilage. This works in all markets from cereal to nuts, as well as fresh foods like fruits and vegetables, all to keep food items fresher longer.
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