Walex Chooses Flexible Packaging: Here’s Why

Walex is among one of the many brands that choose to use flexible packaging for their products to offer customers more sustainable packaging options. Walex makes deodorizing and cleaning products for the environmental odor control industry. They are the first in their industry to debut this kind of recyclable packaging with the How2Recycle info seal directly on the bags. 

Aesthetic and functionality were the main priorities for Walex’s brand packaging which inspired them to use flexible packaging. In one of their primary markets, the RV industry, compact packaging is necessary because their customers’ space is so limited. It’s also vital that their packages seal securely, so the product is not damaged. Using sealable, flexible packaging prevents spillage and loss in addition to its space-saving capabilities, making it the ideal choice for RVers.

Walex serves specific markets like RVers and portable sanitation operators, however, the overarching commonality of caring about their health, and that of the environment, applies to their entire customer base. To further align with these customer values, Bill Williams, President of Walex, remarked that “moving into sustainable packaging is the logical option to ensure we are good stewards of the environment and industries we serve.” They have learned that homesteaders, another one of their target markets, are on a mission to reduce their negative impact on the planet, and having a recyclable package for their septic product is in line with that goal.

The strategic switch to flexible packaging had marketing value in addition to aligning with their sustainability objective. Protecting the planet is something their customers care about, and Walex knows that now more than ever, a customer makes a buying decision based on whether they support what a brand stands for. Moving forward, Walex plans to extend the usage of flexible packaging to all of their RV and Marine drop-in products by the end of 2022 to further demonstrate their commitment to industry-leading sustainability.

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About Walex

Walex makes deodorizing and cleaning products for the environmental odor control industry. Walex prides itself not only on innovative product development, but also on attentive customer service. Their customers feel like they can count on sales managers not just to sell them a product, but to help their business succeed.

An industry leader in sanitation and odor control manufacturing since 1987, Walex Products Company has been spearheading the development of sustainable products ever since. They partner with customers to provide integrated solutions to solve problems and help reach strategic business objectives and environmental goals. 

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