Ways to Reuse Flexible Plastic Bags for Home Organization

January marks the start of achieving new goals for many. A popular resolution on people’s list is getting organized at home. Whether it’s a cluttered refrigerator or freezer, messy laundry room or a chaotic garage, organizing your space is easily achievable.


Consider the countless plastic bags you purchase that contain perfectly stored products sealed shut. Before throwing the bags away, think about the many piles of items lying around your home. Those items could simply be placed back into the bag, protected and easily accessed with resealable features such as zippers. 

Ready to get organized and achieve a clean look for your home in 2020? Check out the following tips for reusing flexible plastic bags for home organization.


Kitchen Pantry or Fridge

Store your vegetables, frozen meats, or other loose items in plastic bags. Not only do they keep products nicely organized and grouped together, they also extend shelf life! If you plan on reusing plastic bags to store sensitive food items such as raw meats or produce, visit this link for tips on washing, drying, and storing used plastic bags. 


Laundry room

Do you check pockets for loose change and other items before throwing clothes into the wash? Or find change inside of the wash after the cycle is complete? Laundry detergent pods packaged in flexible stand-up pouches provide an easy storage solution for what you find. Because the package is resealable, you won’t have to worry about loose items falling out of the package once stored. 



Tools are typically stored in garages, and this often results in loose screws, nails, or other items lying around. These are the products you don’t want out in the open as they can be dangerous to children and pets. Use flexible plastic bags to organize loose tools and other items. Today’s technology allows for flexible packaging to be manufactured for durability, so both your tools and your family will be protected. 

Start getting your home organized today by reusing flexible plastic bags. Along with achieving your goals for the new year, you will also help to protect the environment as well! 

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