What is Flexible Packaging?

You may have heard a lot about flexible packaging, but many are not entirely sure what the term actually means. Allow us to explain. In its most basic form, flexible packaging is any package or part of a package whose shape can readily be changed when filled or during use. Think about everything you have in your pantry, bathroom or garage that comes in a resealable, crinkly packaging. Laundry detergent pods to dish soap to snacks to motor oil, all can be found in flexible packaging!

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Flexible packaging is perfect for these everyday products because of the benefits it provides the consumer, as well as the environment. In the home, it saves space in cabinets and drawers. It also extends the lifespan of food, which reduces food waste, plus the resealable opening makes it easy to take with you when you’re on the go. On top of that, the sustainability benefits can be found in the entire flexible packaging life cycle! The environment is impacted less from using less water and energy to produce, lightweight and space efficient shipping, reduced product waste and recycling capabilities.

Flexible packaging has made its way into a variety of industries due to consumer demand to purchase more eco-friendly products and packaging. From pet food, to medications, to vegetables and more, the industry is rapidly growing. This perfect packaging can now be found wherever you purchase items like these and more!

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